Anup Soni will be seen in a different role in Mirg will be released in theaters on 9 February 2024

Mumbai : Director Tarun Sharma's film 'Mirg' is going to release the theaters on February 9. The film stars Raj Babbar, Satish Kaushik, Shwetaabh Singh and Anoop Soni in lead roles. In a conversation with the film's director and star cast, he shared interesting information related to the film.
 Director Tarun Sharma told that this is his first film as a director but before this he has worked in many big films as an assistant director. The story behind naming the film 'Mirg' was told that Mirg is a leopard species, which is a rare animal found in the hills of Himachal. Whose specialty is that he can hide himself easily. It has a long tail and is faster, more vicious, more intelligent and more disguised than other leopards. The main character of the film also transforms from an ordinary person facing the difficulties of life to become like an epileptic. Tarun told that he has tried to show a different character of actor Raj Babbar in his film. Although Raj Babbar has played different characters in films, this time an attempt has been made to do something extreme with his character. The lead actor of the film is Shwetaabh Singh, this is his debut film in which he is playing the role of Anil.
 Shwetaabh tells about his character that he is a simple person, but at the place where he works, he realizes that he is not meant to live a slave-like life and changes start coming in his life. All the characters in the film are in gray shade and it is difficult to judge whether they are doing good or bad.  In the film, late actor Satish Kaushik will also be seen leaving his old image and taking up arms in the film.  This is the first and last film of Satish Kaushik in which his character is playing with guns. Shwetaabh told that acting with Satish was a great experience for him.
 Actor Anup Soni also explained in detail about his character and the film. In this film, he has become a well-wisher of Raj Babbar and follows his words. In this character, there is neither greed to achieve anything nor any desire to better oneself. He has a satisfied mind and is a blind devotee of his master. Anup Soni's character in this film is different from the characters he has played till now. While playing the same role, his image got stuck in one character, he wanted to separate himself from his old image, for this he had to say no to many good projects. For which I had to take a break from acting. This was a difficult decision for him. His upcoming projects are two web series 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Lalla' and a Hindi film 'Kabir' in which he is playing an important role.
 The film 'Mirg' is a revenge drama. In which suspense remains as to who is the victim and who is the hunter? The music of the film is going to provide momentum to the film. The director has tried to maintain the reality and naturalness of the character.  The trailer of the film has been released which is very entertaining and interesting.
The film Mirgh is financed by UK-based Studio RA. And the producers of this film are Rishi Anand, Naama Productions (Shwetaabh Singh) and OneShot Films (Tarun Sharma). The shooting of the film Mirg has been done in Una, Hamirpur, Govind Sagar Lake and forests of Himachal Pradesh.

 - Gayatri Sahu

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