- Manufactured and patented in USA, the complete software has been developed in India as part of the “Make in India” initiative by GlobalSpace Technologies Limited.

- 'GoRoga' promises to be the ultimate anti-stress companion for those suffering from mild to severe stress and anxiety.

Mumbai : GlobalSpace Technologies Limited, a trailblazer in digital pharma and healthcare for over a decade, forays into digital therapeutics with one-of-a-kind anti-stress wearable. Manufactured and patented as RogaLife in the USA, the complete software has been developed in India as part of the “Make in India” initiative by GlobalSpace Technologies Limited. and made available for the first time, in India.
 Mental health is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Yet, stress, anxiety, and burnout plague millions worldwide, and India is no exception. As per WHO 2020, 5.6 crore Indians have depression and 3.5 crore people have anxiety disorders in India. Stigma and affordability hinder a proactive approach to manage mental wellness.
 Speaking at the Inaugural Event here, Mr. Krishna Singh, Founder and MD - GlobalSpace Technologies said "We, in collaboration with RogaLife, are on a mission to uplift millions of Indians facing stress and anxiety. The commitment is fueled by the proven success of RogaLife in the USA, Canada, and South Asia.
 'GoRoga' promises to be the ultimate anti-stress companion for those suffering from moderate to severe stress and anxiety. Crafted through cutting-edge FDA-approved NIBS (neuroscience-researched non-invasive brain stimulation) technology, this non-invasive, user-friendly, and budget-friendly wearable is a game-changer. The wearable plugs into a phone while the sticky pads hook to the ears to activate cortisol. Tailored stimulations, scientifically calibrated to balance mild to severe stress oscillate into the brain. Beta waves (13Hz - 39 Hz) of anxiety diminish, alpha waves (8Hz - 12 Hz) of calm focus and theta waves (3Hz - 8Hz) of relaxation emerge. It takes just 20 minutes per day, recommended up to a maximum of 60 minutes per day for 3 to 4 weeks, to get on the path of lasting tranquility" said Mr. Krishna Singh, Founder and MD- GlobalSpace Technologies Ltd.
 Backed by rigorous research, user testing, and the personal triumph of our co-founder, GoRoga has a reliable stamp of safety and efficacy.
  Speaking at the Inaugural Event here Mr. Ami Lebendiker, Co-founder and CEO, RogaLife, USA said "GoRoga is an all-in-one solution for individuals, organizations, clinics, and wellness centers. Whether it is navigating stress in personal or professional life, or trying to improve sleep quality, or boosting employee wellness for peak productivity, GoRoga is the anytime anywhere answer. This sleek, affordable, and user-friendly wearable adapts to habit forming lifestyles, at home or on the go.
 Users can choose from a variety of clinically validated programs in the GoRoga App (available in the Apple or Play Store) tailored to your goals, to create a personalized stress reduction plan. 1000+ users have already experienced the power of GoRoga. It is backed by 16+ research studies, and an average 85% reduction in stress and burnout, showcasing its effectiveness. The success speaks for itself, with 90% of users recommending it to friends or family and 73% using it consistently even after six months”
  But that's not all - no more battery or recharging headaches! The cherry on the top is a globally unique analytics dashboard exclusively for IOS and Android App subscribers where innovation meets simplicity. It offers comprehensive tracking, progress scores, and personalized insights. GAD-7 scores and stress reduction progress reports makes informed wellness treatments a reality for doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists.
  This sleek Anti-Stress wearable features two electrodes easily secured behind your ears with stylish ear hooks available in multiple colors. The magic happens when the lead wire connects to a compact simulation device powered by your cell phone, delivering rhythmic stimulations rooted in decades of scientific research. The device has a library of tailored audio-visual programs. Guided by our team of expert psychotherapists and meditation instructors, these programs are designed to alleviate various stress types and deliver personalized experiences. It's as simple as plugging the user-friendly device into your phone, attaching the stimulation pads behind your ears, and letting the gentle electrical pulses interrupt stress signals. Instant relief is just a heartbeat away with GoRoga.
 When you snag your GoRoga Anti-Stress Wearable device, you get a pack of 4 electrodes, each reusable 10 times and can be used over a month if used daily. The dual-app subscription model with Premium and Elite option elevates your experience with the Elite subscription, unlocking live consultations with psychiatrists and psychologists, premium content such as inspiring user stories, and top-notch report analytics. GoRoga is not just a product; it's a lifestyle!

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