The Girl On The Beach Music Composer, Ajay Singha had a tête-à-tête with Correspondent S. K. De and we share with you some excerpts of their interaction..

Congratulations ! Ajay Singha for the mesmerizing music of the Girl On The Beach.You have made our nation proud after having won 5 International awards for this short film, the Best Film Score at the Rome Women Film Festival 2023,  Hong Kong International Film Carnival 2023, Best Film Score at the Druk International Film Festival 2023, Best Film Score at the Seoul International Short Film Festival 2023, Best Film Score at the Dubai International Cine Carnival 2023 and an Honorable Mention for Best Film Score at the Newyork Tri State International Film Festival 2023

Thank you so much, its indeed a great honor to win by God's Grace, in all these prestigious international festivals best music score for the short film "Girl on the Beach". I am truly grateful to my friend, director of this film Monjoy Mukerji for trusting me with his vision. 

As you had Monjoy Joy Mukerji as the Writer Director, who is a musical aficionado as well. Hence, how did you conceptualise regarding the music for this short film ?

Monjoy as a director has a great sense of music. He follows the scores of some of the best music composers in the world like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Gustavo Santaolalla. Naturally his expectations were high.
He wanted the score to have a strong emotional connect moving into a hopeful mood His references for the overall tonality and feel were some of the best music scores in the world.

What was the highlight of Girl On The Beach musically as it received accolades globally for your Best Film Score ?

 The music of Girl on the Beach was like a personal conversation. Emotional, nostalgic and reflective at times. The film had fewer dialogues and a lot of time what was left unspoken was conveyed through music. This is what I feel connected well at all the festivals. 

How important is music for short films?

In most short films, music plays a bigger role like a central character binding everything together. 

What has been the most memorable experience in terms of creating music for Girl On The Beach ?

In Girl on the Beach, I have tried a new sound using Felt Piano. It was very expressive. The most memorable moment was when I. D. Rao came over and recorded English flute and clarinet. He took the score to another level with his inputs.

What are your future projects that you are working on ?

I am currently completing the score of an Assamese movie "Moi Eti Nixasor" directed by National award winning director Bidyut Kotoky. Also working on a song project for VYRL Originals.

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