Writer Muskan Kumari open us about her audio series Superstar’s Hidden Wife, writing at a young age, Pocket FM providing a solid career-defining platform and more

Muskan Kumari, a 21-year-old writer from a small town in Bihar, recently opened up about her journey, family’s business background, becoming a writer at a young age, Pocket FM providing her a platform to express herself, recognition for her audio series ‘Superstar’s Hidden Wife’ and more. 

Q: Can you tell us about your journey from Saharsa in Bihar to becoming a successful writer?

A: My journey has been full of surprises and thrills. I grew up in Saharsa, where I always enjoyed learning. This interest led me to continue studying after school. But something unexpected happened – I fell in love with writing while I was preparing for banking exams. This was surprising because my family had a business background. Despite that, I found happiness in creating stories while I studied. Little did I know that this love for writing would lead me to where I am today.

Q: How did you start writing while you were focused on studies?

A: Writing came as a surprise, especially since I was busy with banking exams. During my first year of post-graduation, my elder sister introduced me to Pocket FM, a platform where I could listen to stories. While using it, I realized I could also be a writer. Even though I hadn't planned on becoming one, I decided to give it a try. It was a way for me to discover my creative side and do something different from my studies.

Q: You mentioned your sister introduced you to Pocket FM. Could you explain how you went from reading/listening to writing on the platform?

A: Going from being a listener/reader to a writer on Pocket FM was exciting and a bit challenging. My sister's encouragement played a big role in pushing me to try it out. As a reader and consumer of content, I loved enjoying different stories. Eventually, the idea of making my own stories fascinated me. I started by writing episodes, even though I didn't expect much from it at first. It was a learning experience, and the positive feedback from readers motivated me to keep going and improve my writing.

Q: Did you ever imagine achieving the success you have with your stories?

A: When I started writing, I never thought I'd achieve the level of success I have. It began as an experiment, a way for me to be creative while preparing for banking exams. The fact that my stories have touched listeners and received such positive responses has been really amazing and satisfying.

Q: Can you tell us about what inspired the audio series "Superstar’s Hidden Wife" on Pocket FM?

A: "Superstar’s Hidden Wife" was inspired by a mix of things I observed and my desire to tell a unique story. The idea is about a superstar's life mixed with the mystery of his hidden wife. I got the inspiration from wanting to understand the complexities of relationships and fame, and how they can change people's lives in unexpected ways. This audio series allowed me to explore deep emotions and create a story that captures the attention of listeners.

Q: Can you explain how you make your stories interesting with surprises and complex characters?

A: Adding unexpected turns and creating characters with mixed morals is really important to keep listeners interested as the real world reflects that too. I believe that adding in twists and characters who aren't just good or bad keeps the audience curious. By making characters with complex feelings, it makes listeners think about why they do what they do. Surprising moments make a strong connection between listeners and the characters, making the story even more engaging.

Q: What do you like about writing family and romantic dramas?

A: I enjoy writing these kinds of stories because they're relatable. I get my inspiration from real-life situations and the feelings people have in families and relationships. These genres give me a chance to explore how humans connect, including both the happy and challenging times. Writing in these genres helps me understand human emotions better, which makes the stories more engaging and touching.

Q: Based on your journey, what advice would you give to young writers starting out and facing challenges?

A: To all the young writers starting out and facing tough times, I want to say: keep going and stay passionate. Believe in your creative talents and don't let problems stop you. Writing is a journey of growth, and every experience – whether good or tough – helps you become a better writer. Accept feedback that helps you improve, and most importantly, write from your heart. Your own special way of seeing things can create stories that touch readers in ways you might not expect. Just believe in yourself and keep writing!

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