Indore : Pathaan, Jawan, Dream Girl 2, Gadar 2, OMG2 and Jailer are all Blockbuster hits, so finally Film Producers and Exhibitors get Independence from the high VPF cost ! Now presenting the world’s best Digital Cinema Solution in India - (used in the Cannes Film Festival and 74 countries across the world). The leading film producer and distributor Yusuf Shaikh and his banner, Yen Movies (a 30-year-old film distribution, exhibition and production company from India) launched The Janta Cinema- Artinii Pro Digital Cinema Player Technology.
 It is a revolutionary solution for screening films, Be it single screen/multiplex and stand-alone cinemas, private cinemas, community cinemas, highway dhabas, large size shops, village panchayat Ghar, building complexes, clubs, military Cantonments, corporate company residential societies, gated communities to screen any movie at click of a button.
 By this technology, you can sell tickets and make money by releasing first day first show movies in any cinema across India or the world - without restrictions. High-tech plug and play with your Janta Cinema Player via a Projector - with 2K resolution and 5.1 sound.
There is a Zero fear of piracy.
Producers can release films at Rs 1600 only per cinema! 
You can start a cinema in any place within Rs 8-10 lacs of you have 1000 to 2000 sq feet hall. 
(Government helps you with a loan and also the permission to start a cinema in such places) 
You can Earn money from advertising and endorsements. 
Run free trailers and stay connected to your audience through our social media solution of your location continuously. 
Producers looking to self-distribute their films, Distributors looking for cinemas to release their films can benefit from this technology.
Regional Film producers who want to release their film in any region of the country and save VPF cost and even release their films in places that does not have cinemas in Rural areas.
visit the website - jantacinema.artinii.com and download the Janta Cinema Player on your laptop. 
Rakesh sabharwal of Prince movies Jaipur, Mumbai, Indore and Amravati is taking care of the franchise of Janta Cinema CPCI Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

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