Deepak Baswala /Mumbai

   These days, the collective Rakshabandhan program organized by Advocate Sunil Sharma's organization Daksh Nagrik Foundation, which is famous for its works, has become a topic of much discussion in the city. This foundation showed that this festival of Rakshabandhan not only takes place in traditional forms, but also strongly expresses the spirit of dedication and help in the society. More than 10 thousand local women participated in this program, who expressed their affection and love towards Advocate Sunil Sharma by tying Rakhi. Even though this program was not political. But there has definitely been a stir in the political corridors regarding the public support shown in thousands towards Advocate Sharma in the program.

   Through this exchange of affection and dedication, Advocate Sunil Sharma, President of Daksh Nagrik Foundation, made women review their important role in the society. This gesture of dedication shows that a man like Sharma has made a commitment to respect and dedicate himself to the women in the society. In the program organized, with dedicated and sensitive feelings, Advocate Sharma announced that he would provide free advocacy services to the aggrieved women in the city, so that they could protect their rights. Also, he will adopt poor and orphan children and bear the cost of their education, which can be an important step towards an educated society. Through this ideal program, Daksh Nagrik Foundation has reawakened the importance of standing with women, while Advocate Sharma has promoted the importance of justice in the society.

  It may be noted that Advocate Sunil Sharma has formally entered the BJP recently. When asked political questions on the same topic by journalists in the program, Advocate Sharma replied that he does not need to become a corporator, MP or MLA to serve the public, but it is necessary to be kind hearted. And he is capable of serving the public without contesting elections.

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