One of the best actors in Indian cinema, Rani Mukerji has revealed that YRF is currently ideating on the storyline of Mardaani 3! Rani is the only actress to have a blockbuster franchise to her credit in Mardaani. She plays a feisty and fearless cop, Shivani Shivaji Roy, in this franchise and she takes on criminals who prey on women. 
 Rani discloses, “Mardaani 3 is in ideation stage. Once YRF has a great and concrete story idea, Mardaani 3 will get into scripting stage. I’m excited to see how Mardaani 3 shapes up as! I am crossing my fingers because I would love to play the part of Shivani.”
 She adds, “When I did Mardaani 2, I was quite nervous because I had never done a sequel before. I was like how will it happen? Because I leave my characters behind each time a film gets over and I don’t know if I will be able to reprise that part again. With Mardaani 2, I was surprised that I enjoyed reprising the part. So now I have tasted blood. So now I want to reprise it again in 3.”
 Rani says Mardaani 3’s script will need to be exceptional because the expectation from audiences is sky-high from this franchise and they would need to see a crackingly fresh story! 
 Rani says, “I will be very happy and excited if the Mardaani 3 script comes about really something that we would make a film. Because I as an actor always believe that we don’t want to do a film because it sounds good. We need to do a film when the script is good and when we want to make a film which is making a difference.”
 She adds, “With Mardaani 3 we can’t make a film if the story does not have that substance. It has to be something that people relate with today, the girls find it empowering. Only then we can do Mardaani 3. We can’t do it just because it sounds exciting. So I am hoping if they can crack a really good script, I would just like to get on with it.”

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