Shemaroo Secures Distribution Rights for 'Tales of Aluna' in India, Asia, Middle East & MENA in Collaboration with Digitoonz and Three's A Company

 Digitoonz, a renowned creator of high-quality entertainment including CG animated feature films, television specials and series, has partnered with Three's A Company, Australia, to announce an exciting distribution agreement for their captivating animation series, Tales of Aluna, with Shemaroo. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the co-production between Three's A Company and Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., comprising 26 episodes, each running for 11 minutes. Shemaroo Entertainment has acquired distribution rights for India, Asia, the Middle East and the MENA region, further strengthening this partnership.
Tales of Aluna tells the enchanting story of Aluna, a half-spirit, half-human girl, and her loyal guardian, Barabajagal, residing on a mystical and magical island. This extraordinary island, a remnant of the legendary Atlantis, possesses the remarkable ability to navigate the oceans under its enigmatic power. When a young musician named Fili and his entourage crash land on the island, Barabajagal becomes concerned about the potential threat these intruders pose to the island's ancient heritage and natural harmony. However, Aluna forms a bond with these fascinating individuals from across the sea, and together, they embark on a series of daring adventures. United, Aluna and her newfound friends face thrilling challenges and work collaboratively to overcome them.
Smita Maroo, Sr VP - Animation, Kids Digital, L&M at Shemaroo, expressed her delight regarding the partnership, stating, "We are excited to be associated with Digitoonz and Three's A Company for the distribution of Tales of Aluna. The series offers a unique blend of captivating storytelling and visually stunning animation, which will surely captivate audiences across regions. We look forward to bringing this enchanting series to a diverse audience and delivering an enriching entertaining experience."
Vikas Kumar, the CEO of Digitoonz, expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement, stating, "We are thrilled about this collaboration. Tales of Aluna is an exceptional project, showcasing a modern hybrid animation series that combines the cutting-edge techniques of Unreal Engine and Toon Boom Harmony. We are delighted that audiences in India, Asia, the Middle East, and the MENA region will have the opportunity to experience this unique series."
Geoff Watson, the producer of the series, also shared his excitement, remarking, "It is incredibly thrilling to witness Shemaroo presenting Tales of Aluna to audiences in India, Asia, the Middle East, and the MENA regions. Aluna is a series that deeply resonates with children and families, emphasizing the values of friendship, trust, responsibility, and environmental consciousness, all woven into engaging stories filled with fun and excitement."
This collaboration with Shemaroo marks a significant milestone for Digitoonz, allowing the studio to expand its global reach and provide high-quality animated content to a diverse audience. With Tales of Aluna poised to captivate viewers through its compelling storytelling and visually striking animation, the distribution agreement with Shemaroo Entertainment sets the stage for a successful and immersive viewing experience across key markets.

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