Seeing Sumbul Touqeer play the role of Ishqi in Pocket FM’s Devil Se Shaadi is our winning moment, writers Moni Singh and Renuka Suthar

In the realm of audio entertainment, the recently unveiled promo of "Devil Se Shaadi'' has sparked ample excitement on the internet. The audio series centers around Ishqi, portrayed by the talented Sumbul Touqeer, as she finds herself trapped in an unwanted marriage with the brash and enigmatic Rajveer, played by Prateik Chaudhary. Ishqi's life takes a drastic turn when she uncovers Rajveer's hidden truths and embarks on a riveting journey filled with challenges, secrets, and unexpected twists. The recently released promo of Pocket FM’s quirky offering, Devil Se Shaadi, is garnering significant attention and has been trending on social media with over a Million views. 
On the positive reception of the promo and seeing popular television actors essay the lead roles, writer of the blockbuster series, Moni Singh shares, “I am elated with the response the promo has received. It’s a great feeling to see that the audio series is receiving so much love and attention from people. I never imagined that Sumbul Touqeer would be stepping into the shoes of Ishqi and I’d like to add that she justifies the character perfectly. It’s a winning moment.”
Hailing from a humble background, the 21-year old Moni Singh’s journey has been rather inspiring. Growing up in a small town in Bihar, she nurtured a deep passion for storytelling and writing. With the support and encouragement of Pocket FM, Moni's dreams have turned into reality, as the promo of the audio series 'Devil Se Shaadi' created a rave amongst the audience. 
Expressing her heartfelt gratitude, she adds, “My journey with Pocket FM has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for me. Witnessing the immense love pouring in from fans for the promo, featuring incredibly talented actors like Sumbul Touqeer and Pratiek Chaudhary from the television industry, feels like a dream come true. As someone from a small town, I could have never imagined this day would arrive. The promo has received an overwhelming response, and the flood of positive comments and feedback has left me feeling deeply grateful. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Pocket FM for providing a platform that not only empowers passionate creators like myself but also offers entertainment to people who can enjoy listening while multitasking in our fast-paced world.”
Co-writer Renuka Suthar, who belongs to the city of Jodhpur, shares, “My association with Pocket FM has been the biggest turning point in my life. It’s a proud moment to see popular faces bring life to the characters one has penned. I never anticipated such a massive feedback on the promo of Devil Se Shaadi. The congratulatory messages haven’t stopped since the promo was dropped.” Renuka Suthar, who’s also penned the script of audio series Kambakht Ishq, adds that the audio platform has given “her the opportunity to hone her writing skills, and her association with Pocket FM has been most rewarding.” Renuka, who had a full-time job in the education sector, quit that role to pursue her passion and build her career in writing. 
Whereas Moni's journey to success is a testament to her exceptional storytelling skills, and her collaboration with Pocket FM has provided her with a platform to showcase her talent. The overwhelming response from fans and the positive feedback received reflect the impact of Moni and Renuka’s work, bringing joy and entertainment to listeners everywhere.
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