Qube Cinema and Annapurna Studios have released 'Break Free,' a groundbreaking film that merges real sets with virtual backgrounds, showcasing the future of filmmaking. Filmed at the ANR Virtual Production Stage in Hyderabad, it represents a paradigm shift in storytelling through virtual production.
Today, Qube Cinema and Annapurna Studios will unveil a behind-the-scenes first look video (https://youtu.be/HLVGh5iC5BQ) featuring Jayendra Panchapakesan, Filmmaker and Co-founder of Qube Cinema. He'll discuss the innovative techniques used in 'Break Free,' such as ICVFX and Photogrammetry, and the freedom it brings to filmmakers.
Qube Cinema and Annapurna Studios lead the way in pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking and empowering creators.

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