●   The brand's strategy for FY 2023-24 includes expanding its retail presence, product portfolio, incorporating national & regional MT partners, and making its air coolers available on all leading e-commerce sites.

Mumbai: Livpure, one of India's leading brands in home and living consumer products, has registered an annual growth of closer to 50% in the fiscal year 2022-23. The company, which has been instrumental in transforming water purification solution services, has now committed to doubling its retail presence for the fiscal year 2023-24.
Following the growth announcement, Livpure's plan for the fiscal year 2023-24 encompasses magnifying its retail presence, expanding the product portfolio, adding national and regional MT partners to the fold, and ensuring the availability of air coolers on all digital platforms. As it stands, 50% of Livpure's revenue today comes through digital channels. The company is now well established in terms of product portfolio, fully automated service infrastructure, state of the art manufacturing facility and R & D lab. The firm is laying out its growth plans, which centre around its business, becoming 2.5 times its current size in the next couple of years.
Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Kaul, Managing Director of Livpure, said, "We at Livpure pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge technology-enabled smart products and services for our customers, and the growth figures of FY 23 are a prime example of that. We now look forward to getting our distribution even deeper and ensuring our entire portfolio is available across multiple channels."
"We believe Livpure can double its revenue in the next couple of years, owing to tremendous growth opportunities in the overall water business and smart home segment."
Founded in 2010 by Rakesh Malhotra and Navneet Kapoor, Gurgaon-based Livpure has pioneered manufacturing and supplying wellness-driven products for its customers. The company strives to achieve its vision of ensuring health and wellness in the lives of Indian consumers with the help of its extensive range of smart products, including water purifiers, air coolers, mattresses, and other sleep accessories.

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