Mumbai: The video song "Dhuaan Dhuaan" written by Bollywood lyricist Pranav vatsa Grabbed headlines at the success party as well. In the success party of this video song, all the artists and technicians associated with this song had a lot of fun and congratulated each other. This song was danced fiercely at the success party. Bobby Deol's "Ashram" web series fame Babita actress Tridha Choudhury grabbed everyone's attention with her stunning look in this song "Dhuaan Dhuaan". 
Talking to the media persons present on the occasion, Tridha said that the song is very happy to be a success, it should not be seen only as a club song. It can be enjoyed anywhere. You can hum this song while driving, morning. Tridha also told that she wanted to work with Pranav in a song since long but the coincidence happened now. Tridha told that she is basically a classical dancer, if she had got more time to practice, she could have come out with a better performance. Still, getting a lot of love from the audience even in the chance she got. Will work to boost the morale of this unit. Lyricist Pranav Vatsa has been seen acting for the first time in this video album. I especially thank pranav vatsa and Vinod Paliwal from the bottom of my heart, because of whom this song has become a super hit, without them it was difficult to film this song.
It's been 3 days since the release of the song "Dhuaan Dhuaan" and the song has crossed two million views. The video features 'Ashram' Web Series fame actress Tridha Choudhury with Pranav Vatsa. This song is sung by famous singer Nakash Aziz, Lyrics written by Pranav Vatsa, Beautifully composed by Vivian Richard, Choreographed by Dev Thape, Directed by Dev Thape and Rishi Kumar, DOP is Ankit Mishra and Ravi Paliwal, Edited By Manoj Magar, Creative Producer is Shruti Shukla, Casting Director is Nikhil Chaudhary, Project Designer is Santosh Kumar Sonu, Publicity by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala. The song is produced by Vinod Paliwal, Anwar Sheikh and Vrinda Bhandari under the banner of Kanisha Films Creations, and We Be Events & Productions.

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