Writer-Director Sammir Iqbal Patel is well known for presenting novel subjects on celluloid. His films ''Hotel Beautifool'', ''Your's Truly Roohani'' and ''PFA : Love Mom And Dad'' are the testimonies of his skills and creativity. 'Hotel Beautifool'', a feature film, is released in Canada and it got 3.5 star review. ''Your's Truly Roohani'' is is a web film starring Vibha Anand and Rishi Saxena is now steaming on Apple Tvod. His ''PFA : Love Mom And Dad'' is an award winning film on a father and son, starring late Yusuf Hussain, is now steaming on Apple Tvod. 
 Now Sammir Iqbal Patel has come out with an emotional short film titled ''Milenge Jannat Mein''. The story of this short film is about a Muslim girl who wants to offer a pray at the grave of her mother but she is not allowed to enter to graveyard as her religious practice doesn't allow females to enter graveyard. This story is based on real incident and this had happened is Sammir's own life. 
 Throwing a light on this incident Sammir says, ''last year in the month of July my mother expired and my sister also joined in her last journey. As the funeral reached at kabristan she didn't enter and stayed outside of the gate. From there she bid last farewell to her beloved mother. Later i kept on going to graveyard to offer flowers to my mother's grave and one day i happen to see a board on which an instruction about no entry to women in graveyard was written. This increased my curiosity and to get an answer about it i contacted many religious persons, flipped through the pages of religious books but couldn't get satisfactory answer.  Then a thought occur to my mind that i should put this question to the people of my community through a film and i started penning a story. When a producer Deepak Jayalwal came to know about the subject he became ready to produce and thus this project took place''. 
 The duration of this emotion laced story is thirty minutes and it stars Brijendra Kala and Riva Arora. Brijendra is an old friend of Sammir and both used to work on stage together while Riva has acted in ''Mom'' and she had made viewers' eyes moist with her emotional role in "Uri'. Here Brijendra's character's name is Suleman who is a grave digger while Riva's character's name is Shaheen, a Muslim girl who has lost her mother and watches the last rites of her mother, standing outside of graveyard. 
''The Kashmir Files'' and ''The Tashkent Files'' fame noted cameraman Uday Singh Mohite has cranked the camera for this short film and it was not an east task to shot this film. A production hand  had managed to get the permission for shooting at graveyard but later the permission was declined so a set of a graveyard had to be erected and now the film is all set for OTT platform.
 The film has all the potential to raise many questions and Sammir is ready to reply to those who may oppose the film. ''Here i have shown what the truth is. No one has a specific answer or logic why women are not allowed to enter kabristan. Surprisingly, in Pakistan and many Muslim countries the women are allowed. In India and Saudi Arabia the women are not allowed. What's more, even in India the women are allowed in Shia sect but the women of Sunni sect have no right to enter the graveyard. I hope post the streaming of the film i my get the the answer why the women are barred'' he says.
 Post the release of the film a national debate may take place about the rights of women but here one must say that by making this film Sammir has touched the sentiments of lacs of women who couldn't  take part in the last rituals of their near and dear ones and they must be hopping that with this film may the beliefs and situation change. 

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