Pranav Vatsa video "Dhuaan Dhuaan" goes viral, crosses 2 million views

The recently released song "Dhuaan Dhuaan" has started garnering good views as soon as its release. It is getting a good response from the audience. Be aware that less than 72 hours have passed since the release of the song and the views have reached around 2 million. Due to this response, a wave of happiness has spread among all the artists and technicians associated with this song. It is expected that in the next few days this song will get better views and it will set a record in terms of views soon.
The song "Dhuaan Dhuaan" written by Pranav Vats released on Zee Music platform, has been sung by Nakaas Aziz and composed by Vivian Richard. And in this song, Ashram fame Tridha Chowdhary has tied the best shaman with her dancing skills, with whom Pranav Vats is seen. Tridha Chowdhary, who has proved her mettle in dozens of films and web series, has matched every step of this song with every rhythm. At the same time, Pranav Vats has supported him very well. Now it remains to be seen how the response of this video song filmed on Pranav Vats and Tridha Chowdhary will be in the coming times.



"Dhuaan Dhuaan" video album is produced by Vinod Paliwal, Anwar Shaikh & Vrinda Bhandari. The video features Ashram fame Bollywood actress Tridha Choudhury with Pranav Vatsa. People are also asking this pair of Pranav and Tridha a lot.This song is sung by famous singer Nakash Aziz, Lyrics written by Pranav Vatsa, Beautifully composed by Vivian Richard, Choreographed by Dev Thape, Directed by Dev Thape & Rishi Kumar, DOP is Ankit Mishra & Ravi Paliwal, Manoj Magar Edited By, Creative Producer is Shruti Shukla, Casting Director is Nikhil Chaudhary, Project Designer is Santosh Kumar Sonu.The song is produced by Vinod Paliwal, Anwar Sheikh and Vrinda Bhandari under the banner of Kanisha Films Creations, and We Be Events & Productions. 

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