Distribution of utensils, clothes etc.

Correspondent / Mumbai

 Challenges are a part of life. We face different challenges at different points in life to create better experiences. And these experiences make us a better person. Facing similar traumatic experiences, the cylinder blast victims of Appa Pada, Malad, Mumbai are forced to live their lives. Where many social organizations have come forward to encourage and help them. In such a situation, Jogeshwari's organization Vanvasi Jankalyan Samiti and Ankush Sir Pratishthan have set a better example of humanity by distributing utensils, clothes, shawls etc. to 100 victim families on Sunday.

Mumbai's social worker was Curious to participate in this social work organized on the occasion of Shri Ankush Sir Parab's memorial day, on Sunday, a holiday, all the social workers were eager to contribute to this work by taking out their time. Where on this occasion Let. Akush Sir's wife Mrs. Dr. Sangita Ankush Parab, brother Professor Lahu Parab, daughter Swarda Ankush Parab etc. were present and distributed 300 plates to 100 homeless victim families. Distributed other necessary items including 100 glasses, 200 bowls and 100 blankets.

It may be noted that this incident took place recently after 15 to 20 LPG cylinders exploded in the slum area of Appa Pada here, in which many people died. This fire was spread over 10000 square meters, in which 900 to 1200 houses were gutted. People rendered homeless after this incident are dependent on food and drink and are forced to live under the open sky.

In such a situation, all the victim families expressed their gratitude to the organization and their office bearers very emotionally after getting their much needed food. But the sorrow of not having a roof over his head is still there in his mind. All the aggrieved families, who came face to face with the media, in one voice demanded from the administration that proper houses should be arranged for them to live at the earliest.

Giving information, chief organizer of this social program Vinod Korgaonkar said that social workers Jaywant Lad and Anil Mhaskar were present as special guests in the programme. While Pramod Mehta, Sandeep Varankar, Rupesh Pavaskar, Sandeep Thasal, Amit Mande, Damu Desai, Uday Devrukar, Shrikant Pawar, Milind Sawant, Shubham Mishra, Ankush Betkar, Kunal Pavaskar, Prakash Kadrekar, Adesh Chinderkar, especially in making the program successful. Nityanand Shetty, Prafulla Samant and Mrs. Rashmi Pawar etc. worked hard. 

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