'Nostalgia' is amongst the top travel trends for Indian holidaymakers this summer

Domestic flight searches for the summer increased by around 208%, despite about 42% increase in prices compared to 2022

80% of Indian holidaymakers are planning to spend more or similar amounts of money  on their summer travel this year as compared to last year

Mumbai : Summer is almost here, and Indian travellers plan to make the most of it with flight searches significantly up for the holiday period.
New research by KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, based on a survey of 1217 Indians in urban regions across India, found that over half  (56%) intend to travel for leisure this summer^. This aligns with KAYAK search data that shows domestic flight searches have increased by about 208%, and long-haul international flight searches are also up by around 158%* for travel this summer compared to last year.
Nostalgia-led family trips gain momentum this Summer:
KAYAK’s search data shows an uptick in family and group travel for the summer season. Family flight searches are increasing by about 230% compared to 2022*, with 81% of those planning a trip this summer saying they’ll go with their families.
One-third who are planning travel this summer are being influenced by nostalgia and are leaning towards destinations they have already visited in the past, including their ancestral places^. Interestingly, novelty is still important to them, with about half intending to make new memories in these previously-visited destinations while only 39% would relive past experiences.
Commenting on the findings Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager, KAYAK said, “With the significant increase in flight and hotel searches, Indians are in for a summer of family travel, meaningful experiences and return to simpler times as we emerge from the pandemic. Nostalgia travel is a trend gaining momentum as people revisit special places or explore destinations evoking a sense of the past. 
In terms of age groups, 25-34 year olds are the most interested in visiting nostalgic destinations that they might have visited during their childhood or teen years^, perhaps taking their own children to recreate these precious memories.
Prominent Indian psychologist and founder of Happiness is Love, Jyotika Bedi said, on the role of nostalgia in summer travel stated, "travelling is often about breaking away from routine and discovering unfamiliar things, but nostalgia offers a sense of comfort and security by reminding us of familiar people, places, and experiences from our past. Additionally, great memories can also inspire us to seek out new experiences that have the potential to become meaningful in the future.”
Increased spending appetite for summer travel:
According to the KAYAK consumer research, a significant majority (80%) of Indian summer holiday makers surveyed are planning to spend more or a similar amount on their summer travel this year as compared to last year.
Increased flight prices do not seem to pose a hindrance for eager travellers in India with searches significantly up despite the price increase, which is about 42% for return economy domestic flights and about 19% for return economy international flights.
The average cost of a return economy domestic flight during the summer travel season is INR 13,188, and about INR 93,482 for a return economy long-haul international flight.
Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager at KAYAK said:
“What’s great news for the Indian tourism sector is that according to our consumer research, 80% of Indian summer holiday makers are planning to spend more money or similar amounts on their summer travel this year as compared to last year. 
This aligns with KAYAK search data which shows that Indian travellers seem willing to spend more to travel in style for long-haul flights, with business class searches up by 69% and first class searches by 109% compared to 2022.
There are some amazing deals to be grabbed this summer, with flexible search options and filters on KAYAK. Further, KAYAK allows travellers to identify more affordable travel dates and set price alerts for their preferred destinations, so they don’t miss out on great deals.”
Top Destinations for Indian travellers over the summer:
The most searched international destination for summer travel is Toronto followed by Dubai, London, and New York*. Within Asia, Indian travellers are looking at ever-popular destinations like Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, and the Maldives. Further, New Delhi was the most searched domestic destination, followed by Goa, Srinagar and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Given the scorching heat across the country, a majority of respondents are planning to travel to places where they can cool off. Whilst 61% are gravitating towards the mountains, 51% want to bask in the breeze at seaside destinations.
KAYAK flight search data shows the average planned duration of stay is about 35 days for long-haul  intercontinental travel, about 6 days for domestic travel, and roughly 8 days within Asia.
Top Summer search trends for hotel and car hire:
Coinciding with the flight search data, hotel searches have also seen an increase of 39% for domestic hotels and 59% increase in international hotels compared to 2022 for travel this summer. Puducherry, Delhi, and Mumbai are the most popular domestic destinations for hotels searches with Dubai, London, Toronto, and Paris the most sought-after international destinations for hotel searches.
In a welcome development for Indians eager to travel this summer, prices decreased by around 32% for domestic hotels and about 43% for hotels within Asia compared to last year. There was a slight 3% increase in prices for international hotels. The average price for a 4-star hotel is INR 13,340, and for a 5-star hotel is INR 25,378 for travel this summer.
Indians have also shown an interest in car rentals with the top destinations for car hire being Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok and London.

KAYAK.co.in search insights on origin airports:
According to KAYAK, the most searched origin airports are Mumbai followed by New Delhi, and Bangalore. Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune have also made the list of top-origin airports for Summer travel. 

KAYAK tips for Summer Travel:
●  Use a travel search engine: KAYAK has the tools and filters to help you find great deals, including the Explore page, which shows destinations by price.
●  Set a price alert: As one of KAYAK’s most popular features, price alerts help travellers save money by alerting them when prices change for a flight or hotel they want. If a flight you’re eyeing drops in price, KAYAK will alert you so they can lock in that new price, instantly saving you both time and money.  
●  Get flexible: If you can be, choose ‘flexible’ filters.  If your travel dates aren’t set in stone, and you have a little wiggle room available, chances are you can save some cash when searching within +/- 3 days of your desired date range.

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