Rajeev Rana wins hearts with his stunning performance in 'AM I NEXT' featuring Anushka Sen and 'Era of 1990 featuring Sara Khan 

'Am i Next' Produced by RKF Productions and directed by Rahat Kazmi. The film starrer Anushka Sen in the lead role, and Rajeev Rana in main Negative, Rana's performance has been praised by critics and audiences alike, This film won 6 International awards , best film in Sweden international film festival, Best Social Cause film in IIFF Boston USA, Best actress Annushka Sen, Silver Award in Hollywood gold awards, Outstanding achievement award narrative feature world film carnival Singapore and new York movie awards
'Era of 1990' Written and Directed by Shahid Kazmi, a RISSAM Productions film releasing all over India in Theatres, on 17th of March 2023. This film is based on film piracy during 1990, Sara Khan, Arjun Manhas are the lead actors of the film. Rana is bouncing so high with his stunning performance.  
Rajeev Rana has previously worked on projects such as "Rabbi", "Football my Goal", and "Bhaag Run for life", and has also appeared in the web series "Maan on Atrangi" . With each project, Rana has shown his versatility and dedication to his craft, and his performance in "AM I NEXT" and “Era of 1990” is a testament to his talent. He is an emerging actor mainly in negative Lead roles. 
The film "AM I NEXT" is set to release on March 17, 2023, on ZEE 5. Trailer will be released by Zee5 on 8th of March. The film, which revolves around the story of a teenage rape victim and how her story unfolds from there on, will hit the screens on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 17th 2023.
The film tells the story of teenager girl who was raped after which she had to fight a long battle in the court for her right to terminate pregnancy, Rajeev Rana plays a pivotal role in the film, and his performance has been praised for its intensity and depth.
In addition to "AM I NEXT", Rajeev Rana has several upcoming projects that are sure to showcase his talent even further. He will be seen in the feature film "KAYA PALAT" alongside Helly Shah, Tariq Khan, Rahat Kazmi ,Mir Sarwer, Swaroopa Gosh, this film is Inspired by the true story of rival mafias, “Kaya Palat” is a dark thriller set in Jammu, which is part of the politically volatile state Jammu and Kashmir. Principal photography has commenced on the outskirts of Jammu. The film is directed by Shoaib Nikash Shah. Rajeev Rana will be seen in a powerful negative character with his power pack performance.
Rajeev Rana will also be seen in several web series, including "Scammy" in main lead negative directed by Shoiab Kazmi, "Urvi" directed by Sujaz Iqbal Khan, and "Rakatniti" as Police Cop directed by Saki Shah. Each of these web series promises to be unique and thought-provoking, and Rajeev Rana's presence is sure to add to their appeal.
In addition to his web series work, Rajeev Rana will also be seen in two upcoming feature films. "2 Band Radio" directed by Rahat Kazmi promises to be a heart-warming story .The story is about struggle of Waseem to get the radio and how things turn into a roller coaster journey of hilarious and satirical incidents creating complications at every step, while "Oxygen" directed by Shoiab Kazmi Oxygen is a portrayal of the moral ambiguity of corruption among low paid government employees with the backdrop of forest. Struggle of honest forest officer with the established system forms the central plot of the film, Rajeev Rana is going to rock as DFO in the film.
He will also be seen in a upcoming Web show on Atrangi TV title as “Shakar Masala” Directed by Rahat Kazami his performance as MLA has shown his class of acting. His performance is about to watch.
With his talent and dedication to his craft, Rajeev Rana is a rising star in the Indian film and television industry. He has already made a mark with his debut film "AM I NEXT", and his upcoming projects promise to showcase his versatility even further. Audiences can look forward to seeing more of Rajeev Rana's work in the years to come, and we can only imagine what he will achieve next.

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