Mumbai: Neuberg Diagnostics, one of the top 4 Pathology laboratory chains in India, with more than 200 labs and 2000+ collection centers and having a presence in India, South Africa, UAE, and the USA, launches three regional reference laboratory and centre of excellence for Oncopathology  in Mumbai - Dahisar, Chembur, and Vidyavihar. The laboratories inaugurated by DY CM Devendra Fadnavis in the presence of Dr GSK Velu, Chairman and Managing Director, Neuberg Diagnostics, Dr Ajay Shah, Managing director Neuberg Ajay Shah Laboratory, Dr Rajesh Bendre, Technical Director, Neuberg Diagnostics and Dr Jay Mehta, President & Head, Neuberg Oncopath.
 Neuberg Diagnostics has partnered with Dr. Ajay Shah, one of the oldest and leading medical diagnostics network to establish the laboratory in Dahisar and has set up a large standalone reference lab in Chembur. The new labs in Dahisar and Chembur are equipped to conduct and process a wide variety of tests and are capable to process about 5000 samples in a day and delivering results within the given turnaround time, while maintaining the best-in-class quality. Additionally, the Labs will have access to the entire lab medicine test menu of over 6000 investigations covering routine investigations, & advanced investigations including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, proteomics, oncopathology, transplant immunology, newborn screening, etc benefiting the population of Mumbai & adjoining districts of Maharashtra. People can avail services such as preventive health checks, home collection, and specialty blood tests. For a home visit, booking and other service enquiry call us on our toll-free number 9700369700. The diagnostic centres have a total of 25 collections centres and plan to opens 100 collection centres in the coming year.
 Dr Ajay Shah, Managing director, Neuberg Ajay Shah Laboratory partner, said, "I am proud to be partnering with Neuberg Diagnostics to bring their high-quality pathology services to Dahisar. This joint venture will ensure that people in the region have access to the best pathology testing services available."
 Dr Rajesh Bendre, Technical Director, Neuberg Reference Laboratory, Chembur, said, "World class Customer care in Mumbai is our top priority. Delivering accurate, reliable results to doctors and direct to customer is our core focus. Our Personalized engagements and smart reports also help in interpretations of in a user friendly fashion.”
 The company has also established Neuberg Oncopathology Reference Laboratory, a centre of excellence and state-of-the-art second opinion laboratory for Oncopathology in Vidyavihar.  The center will pave way for advanced cancer care diagnosis, with experienced Oncopathologists, and geneticists, and will house all modern technologies & technical infrastructure, to deliver better diagnostic insights to Oncologists across the country and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.
  Dr. Jay Mehta, President & Head, Neuberg Oncopathology, commented, "Our new center of excellence for Oncopathology  inVidyavihar is a state-of-the-art facility that will provide end-to-end reports from Histopathology to Molecular tests which impact precision medicine and personalized cancer treatment. The laboratory is well equipped, with the potential to provide testing of cases from across the county.”
 Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Founder and Chairman of Neuberg Diagnostics, stated, "The launch of these new labs is a significant milestone for us as we continue our mission to provide world-class pathology services to the people of India. We are committed to using the latest technology and scientific advancements to improve patient outcomes and provide accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring."

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