Aarya 2 and Crash Course actor Swapnil Jain expresses gratitude to Pocket FM to let him ‘fly’ with the best-selling audio series Insta Millionaire

Every artist dreams of climbing the ladder of success. For some, it's a smooth ride, while for others, it's a grueling journey to reach their desired destination. Actor-writer-director, Swapnil Jain, knows this all too well. After playing supporting characters in the well-acclaimed series Aarya 2 and Crash Course, Swapnil's big break came when he got the golden opportunity to write for Pocket FM. And it was the popular audio series, Insta Millionaire, that catapulted him to success. 
A perfect blend of entertainment and inspiration, Insta Millionaire weaves together elements of drama, romance, and suspense to create a truly engaging listening experience. This captivating audio series has received rave reviews from people across India, touching unexpected numbers and leaving listeners inspired and entertained. 
Talking about the phenomenal success and adulation, Swapnil Jain, writer of Insta Millionaire, said, “As a storyteller, Insta Millionaire's success is an achievement that has allowed me to spread my wings and soar to greater heights. Pocket FM has given me the opportunity to share my passion for storytelling with a wider audience. With their immense support, writers like myself can bring our tales to life, captivate listeners with every word and share it with the world.”
The story of Insta Millionaire follows the life of Lucky, a young man from humble beginnings who battles against all odds to make a life for himself. Despite his struggles, Lucky's unwavering character and selflessness never waver. Even though he faced one of life's biggest betrayals when his girlfriend cheats on him, Lucky keeps his head up and continues to fight for a better life. But when he suddenly receives a message that changes his life forever, he's forced to confront an entirely different set of challenges. Will Lucky let the wealth change him or will he stay true to himself and the values he learned during his days of hardship? Can he finally find happiness and love in his life?
Since his early days of graduation, Swapnil Jain has been a creative force with a burning desire to express himself through the written word. Growing up in a small town in Jaipur, Rajasthan, he always knew that he wanted to use the power of the pen to make a difference. While juggling various jobs in acting, direction, production management, technical coordination, and design, Swapnil always knew that writing was his true calling.
Insta Millionaire, has been a game-changer in the audio OTT space, garnering a whopping Rs 30+ crore revenue. With over 900 episodes, this extensive storytelling has taken the world by storm and surpassed 300 million plays across English, Hindi and Tamil, clocking over 3.5 billion listening minutes. So, what are you waiting for, grab your headphones, sit back, tune into Pocket FM and let the story of Insta Millionaire unfold!

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