'The dawn of SRK 3.0': Your weekly pop culture fix on FC PopCorn Podcast

In FC PopCorn, A Film Companion original Podcast, professional critics and content creators from Film Companion bring to you anything and everything that connects with pop culture and entertainment. Each episode will feature 3 hosts discussing their favourite trends in cinema, the best show or film they’ve seen in the week, a meme that caught their eye or a song they can’t stop listening to. The themes and guests will evolve as per what’s trending, bringing in fresh perspectives and different credible voices all throughout.  

Ahead of Pathaan’s release, the first episode features Anupama Chopra, Rahul Desai and Prathyush Parasuraman discussing what one should expect from Shah Rukh Khan in 2023 and the dawn of SRK 3.0.  “I remember asking Shah Rukh that you were Rahul, you were Raj, you were the guy who did Karva Chauth in DDLJ… You were all things western with the golden Indian heart and we were your core constituencies, but this guy in Chennai Express doesn’t feel like that… Are you cheating on us? And he was so taken aback and said no, I love you all,” recalls Anupama Chopra as she comments upon the current wave of heroes in Indian films.

Prathyush was quick to add, “We’re hoping that he would be able to bring back the romance that is fading from cinema.”

Talking about the podcast, Anupama Chopra says, “All of us at Film Companion are pop culture junkies! This podcast, in which we talk about trends, hits, flops, politics and poetry, is a reflection of our grand love affair with storytelling! I hope our listeners enjoy it as much as we do.”

Tune into FC PopCorn, A Film Companion original Podcast, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday on all audio streaming platforms!

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