Song's success party celebrated, film's romantic song recorded in Javed Ali's voice.

Bollywood director and actor Manav Sohal is coming with Hindi film 'Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya' in February 2023. One of the songs of this film "Gali Ka Ek Awara" proved to be quite a blockbuster and crossed 2 million views within a few days of its release. Featuring Manav Sohal and Arshin Mehta, the song is sung by Abdul Sheikh. The song has crossed 2 million views. To celebrate, a success party was held in which Manav Sohal's friends Shahbaz Khan, Anant Jog, Virender Saxena, Arshin Mehta, Shravani Goswami and many guests were present.

The director of 'Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya' is Manav Sohal, producer Mukesh Sharma, Arpit Garg, Arshad Siddiqui.

Actor and director Manav Sohal, who is playing the role of a fan of Raj Kapoor in the film, said, "The story of this film is based on the people living in slum area. This film is not based on the biography of Raj Kapoor, but the story of a fan of Raj Kapoor. It can be guessed from the title itself that a hardcore fan is saying "Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya". Raj Kapoor is like God for that fan, he adores him so much, loves him. How his life turns into this affair , what happens to the one he loves. He is a big fan of Raj Kapoor, dresses like him, sings songs. Actually we have tried to present Raj Kapoor's ideology on screen. His thinking is big. It was simple, he used to present the character of common man with great ease, he used to give great importance to love, relationships, brotherhood, humanity.

Our film is inspired by true events. Whether it is the incidents of my personal life, or I have given the form of a scene to a true incident that happened on someone else.

When a person is injured on the road, the man does not ask his religion and caste before taking him to the hospital.

That's why there is a dialogue in my film that Bhagvan ne Apun ko insan ke roop me bheja aur logon ne yahan dharm jaat banaya...".

Raj Kapoor believed that a human being is a human being, religion and caste come later. This film gives the same message. The entire shooting of the film has been done on real location and all the characters of the film have been selected on the basis of their performances.

Let us tell you that this film has been produced by Mukesh Sharma, Arpit Garg of Brandex Entertainment, Associate Producer Arshad Siddiqui and Sahil Malik. The music of this film has been released on Brandex Music.

The film's song "Tera Muskurana Nazaren Jhukana" has been recorded in the voice of Bollywood's famous singer Javed Ali, which is a romantic song, and its lyrics are also by Manav Sohal. Manav used to tell the composer what kind of lyrics he wanted and then eventually Manav wrote the entire song.

The song appears in a flashback in the film. This song has been picturized on Manav and Arshin Mehta. Old clothes, old pattern bike, slum area will be seen in this song. An attempt has been made to give a realistic touch to the film.

The film will be released in theaters on 17th February 2023. Its trailer will be released on 14th January 2023, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.

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