The tradition of enlightenment through kirtana has been going on in Maharashtra since ancient times. The land of Marathwada is known as the land of saints. Even today there are many kirtans in Maharashtra who compose kirtans with a beautiful blend of spirituality and enlightenment. Keeping this in mind, Shemaroo Marathibana Vahini started this program of Gajar Maulicha in which well-known kirtan artists from various parts convey the teachings of saints through kirtana in a very interesting way. Now the people of Latur will get a chance to be a part of this program because the shooting of this program of Gajar Maulicha will be done in Latur city from 14th to 19th January. The event will be held at the Bhakti Shakti Mangal office in the city and the audience will be able to participate in it free of charge.

Many renowned kirtankars of the state will be participating in this program of Gajar Maulicha. In which Saptakhanjiri player Satyapal Maharaj, H.B.P. Mahadev Maharaj Raut, H.B.P. Dharmaraj Maharaj Hande, H.B.P. Keshav Maharaj Ukhlikar, H.B.P. Sunitatai Andhale, H.B.P. Jalal Maharaj Syed, H.B.P. Ravi Maharaj Pimpalgaonkar, H.B.P. Ganeshanand Maharaj Shastri, H.B.P. Santosh Maharaj Pujari, H.B.P. Chhagan Maharaj Khadke, H.B.P. Ganesh Maharaj Bhagat, H.B.P. Sanjay Maharaj Hivarale and other popular kirtankars are going to convey the teachings of the saints to the devotees through their sermons.

The program 'Gajar Maulicha' on Shemaroo Marathibana channel is extremely popular among the audience. This is a program that entertains people through spirituality. The audience is eager to participate in this event. This opportunity will now be available to the audience in Latur. No ticket or entry fee will be charged for this and admission will be given on first-come, first-served basis. Apart from this, these episodes shot in Latur will be aired on the channel Shemaroo Marathibana from January 29.

This is an opportunity for Laturkars to see many well-known Kirtankars live and listen to their sermons. Therefore, Shemaroo Marathibana channel has appealed to maximum number of viewers to participate in this. The shooting will be done at the Bhakti Mangal office in the city from January 14 to January 19.

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