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The increasing number of prisoners in all the jails of the country is a matter of concern. At the same time, the population of Muslim prisoners in most of the jails has raised a question mark. In such a situation, due to the good conduct and behavior of the bomb blast accused in Maharashtra's Nashikrod Central Jail, the administration is giving them amnesty in the sentence. Parvez Zulfikar Qureshi, one of the accused in the bomb blast in this jail, is in the discussion among the jail administration and the government for his good behavior.

According to information, Parvez is an accused in the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Which has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the TADA court. Prisoner No. C 9031, imprisoned in Barrack No. 3/1 of Nashik Jail, is behind bars for the last 28 years. As per the order of the court, this prisoner is not being released even on parole or furlough. If sources are to be believed, these days Parvez is providing legal assistance to release other innocent prisoners from jail. After being released from jail, prisoners of many different religions told that Parvez had helped them a lot in jail.

Parvez and one of his companions, Karim Lala, had done the work of motivating other prisoners for yoga asanas by telling them tips for a stress-free life through the Self Help Group in the jail. Impressed by this, the DIG of the Maharashtra Prison Reforms Department granted him a special pardon. But according to the instructions given by the government, he will have to spend the entire 60 years of his life. That's why they are not happy with this apology.

Throwing light on the issue, Nashik Jail Officer Chandrakant Jathar said that it is for the court to decide who is guilty or innocent. But it is the full responsibility of the administration that there should be a positive change in the prisoners after coming to the jail. Also, after a reform, the prisoners must be given one last chance to live in the society.

In the jail, Parvez provides pen, paper, pencil etc. to the well-educated prisoners, besides providing food and drink to the prisoners on Eid, Diwali and other festivals.

If sources are to be believed, Parvez still considers himself innocent. Parvez's brother Sohail Qureshi, who lives in Mahim, Mumbai, believes that they are an honest Indian family and for the past several years they do banana business in Mahim and Parvez only because of being a Muslim has been implicated in this case.

According to experts, banana trader Parvez has not married yet and if the administration releases him, he is planning to form an NGO organization to help poor and innocent prisoners.

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