The much-celebrated actor, Deven Bhojani spills the beans on playing a unique character in his most popular Gujarati web series Yamraj Calling 2 on ShemarooMe which is scheduled to premiere on November 14th. Deven Bhojani, well-known for his memorable appearances in big and small screen plays the part of Amar Mehta, a family guy who is trying to navigate through the complicated yet common challenges his family is facing, hoping to offer them solutions. Deven vividly spoke on his role in the second season of Yamraj Calling . 

He said, “I’m playing Amar Mehta and also his conscience, they both have different perspectives. Thus, performance wise, I get to portray two different thought processes and layers on the same situation. Most of the time, both Amar and his conscience gets into a debate or an argument, which is mostly won by Amar’s mind. He feels his conscience as his friend, philosopher and guide which provides him with all the solutions to his worries. In the past, I’ve got opportunities to play such dual roles in various TV serials as well as movies to, so I already have some experience. 

He further added, “Comparatively speaking, playing Amar Mehta was easier as I’ve been playing the role for a while whereas playing Amar’s conscience was a bit difficult. I relate more to Amar Mehta who worries about his problems like a normal person does, as I also face issues, problems, tensions, worries etc. in my daily life. With ‘Yamraj Calling 2’, my learning is whenever one comes across with any problems, they needs to talk peacefully with themselves. Our own mind helps us weigh the situation and can provide the best possible solution. For me, our conscience is our Hero!”

Yamraj Calling 2 is all set to launch on ShemarooMe on 14th November, 2022.

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