Bollywood's famous singer Sadhana Sargam, recorded the title song of director Shahroze Sadath's film ‘Chamki’ which is composed by Altaaf Sayyed at the Asian Music Vision Studio in Mumbai. This song has been written by the director of the film himself.

Sadhna Sargam said after recording the song that “The song I sang today is a very melodious song. The song has a sweetness, there is a story in this song which is being shot on mother and daughter, I have recorded the song in mother's voice while the girl's voice is by Palakshi Dixit. The song has been penned by Shahroze Sadath, director of the film Chamki, and composed beautifully by Altaaf Sayyed. Through the song, we have effectively presented the feelings of mother and daughter. I really enjoyed singing this song.

Director Shahroze said “this song is the title song of our upcoming film ‘Chamki’. This is our second film with its producer Venkat Ratnam. Our earlier film ‘Naari’ is completed and going to release soon. This will be the only song in the film ‘Chamki’. This is a situational song. Chamki is a girl's journey. Its shooting will start by the end of this month”.

Producer Venkat Ratnam said “Shahroze is a very good filmmaker. The subject of ‘Chamki’ is such that it will touch people's heart. The kind of treatment Shahroze gave to our film Naari is amazing. And when he came to me with ‘Chamki's story, I immediately agreed to do it. This song will be an important part of the film”.

Sadhna Sargam further says “In this way the situation of such a beautiful song on mother-daughter relationship and emotions rarely come in films. I got the offer for this song, I consider it lucky. The song narrates Ehsaas and takes the story of the film forward. It is very important to have good lyrics in songs. If there is sweetness and melody in the song, then the song becomes memorable”.

Director Shahroze told that the star cast in ‘Chamki’ will be soon revealed to the audience.

Music director Altaaf Sayyed said “This song is very beautiful. This is a situational song. The daughter is happy first, then gets a little sad, then the mother explains to her. In this song all mother-daughter feelings have been depicted”.

Altaaf Sayyed further adds “The concept of the film ‘Chamki’ is very unique. I am glad that I am being a part of this unique story. Thanks to producer Venkata Ratnam for believing in us and giving us creative freedom. With the same producer-director's team, I have done the film ‘Naari’ which is going to release soon. I have composed and sang a romantic song in ‘Naari’, and a title song of the film”. He excitedly said “It is a dream come true for me to record my song in Sadhna Sargam's voice as we have been listening to her songs since childhood. It was a great opportunity for me to work with her. The baby girl Palakshi Dixit has also sungù her part in her lovely voice”.

Hiren has arranged this song beautifully. Many live instruments have also been played in the film.

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