Mumbai: Akshay Kumar is an ardent fitness enthusiast. Every year, the actor organizes a Kudo tournament free of cost, sponsored by him.

Akshay Kumar International Kudo Tournament 2022 which is in its 14 year will be held at Uka Tarsadia University Bardoli, Gujarat.

The tournament is technically supported by KIFI ASSOCIATION  which is recognized by the Government of India’s Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports. 

Over 3000 athletes, 300 officials and 500 volunteers from 32 states and union territories of India and South Asian countries are expected to take part in the event.

The gold medal winners will be traveling and participating in the Kudo Asia championship and Kudo World Cup which will be held in 2023 in Japan.

Additionally, 10 extraordinary fighters will be sponsored and sent for a 1 month training camp to Thailand which will help in increasing India’s chances of winning at the Kudo World Cup.

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