Mumbai : As a Production Manager and Executive Producer Kiran Shahi has done more than 50 projects so far, out of which he has led more than 45 projects. Kiran Shahi's father KK Shahi came to Bombay in 1965 from a city named Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. His father produced and directed several films in Bombay including "Anar". 

Kiran was fond of watching movies since childhood. At the age of 35, he founded his own production company named "Centurion Films" after joining his father's production house KK Films. 

He started his career in a very young age. Along with her father, Kiran starred in the film "Anar" with actors Sachin and Ashok Saraf (1991) and their next film "Dahej" (1992), which was the Bihar government's first film based on the dowry system. 

Kiran Shahi is an Indian executive producer, film producer and corporate film director. He can be easily seen on Google or other social media. He proves to be a boon for new filmmakers.

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