There are actresses and actresses. Aspiring and already established. And there is also the very beautiful Vini Rana, the newcomer actress with oozing extraordinary talent on the Bollywood marquee.

Gorgeous, cuteness unlimited  (read overloaded) and more importantly, supremely talented Vini has emerged in Bollywood as a whiff of fresh air who shot into limelight for her outstanding role in the recently released Honeymoon Diaries on Amazon Prime.

"At the look of of it, Bollywood is everywhere in India. I have been watching tv serials and movies since my childhood and have wanted to be an accomplished and popular actress from the word go. I'm happy that I'm at the right place that is Mumbai," said a happy-looking Vini.

From Muzzafar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai, the city of dreams, how has been the journey?

"It has been a beautiful journey notwithstanding the struggle process;" replied Vini realistically adding, "Mumbai embraces all. You should be focused and have patience. With your our hardwork with a bit of unseen luck you can realise your dreams."

"Regular working out and joining dance classes and diction classes have helped me a lot," Vini informed.

Regarding competition among a plethora of actresses trying to have that dream-break in Bollywood, an unperturbed Vini said that  there's competition in every field. "More the competition the more you want to work hard to achieve your goal. You can't run away from the battlefield," told Vini with a note of confidence who has also already been featured in two nice music video albums namely, Tu Dhoop Main Dhuaan and Yunn Bekarari while doing regular catalogue and print shoots et al.

Vini is a complete fitness freak with regular workouts and meditation. Madhuri Dixit is her all-time favourite actress for her beauty and versatility "who can slip into any kind of role."

Among her favourite eating-joint, Vini says that it has to be Pop Tates, 7 Bungalows with great food and ambience.

Here's wishing the indefatigable and beautiful Vini who has, in the meantime, important talks going on for good movies and tv serials, for a successful innings in the entertainm

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