Star Plus is all set to bring us their unique new offering called 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo', with a heart-wrenching story of a young mountain-girl and a gentleman who will change her life. 'Rajjo' on a quest to find answers to her unknown past. Ravi Jhankal, known for his phenomenal acting, will be seen in a pivotal role. 

Ravi Jhankal is a seasoned actor who graduated from National School of Drama, Delhi. He has been credited for more than 5000 television episodes and around 80 films. He's making a comeback to television after a long while with 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo'.

Ravi Jhankal, a veteran actor, on being a part of 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo', "I'm very happy to be a part of 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo' which has a unique concept of fulfilling a young athletes dream. My character is going to be a very loved and respected one, especially by 'Rajjo'. It is interesting to play my character 'Keshav' because I have so much in common with him. When you get a chance like this, it creates a strong belief in your character and I have it. As the show goes on you will get to see many layers unfold for each character. This is what attracted me to the storyline. Television is a great place for me, as I get to learn something new each day. I'm going to enjoy being back on television and portray my character on Star Plus's 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo'."

Produced by Bits and Bots Media and created by Mukta Dhond, 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo', is a show where we get to see the story of a young, naturally gifted girl who is exceptionally talented in athletics on a quest to uncover her past. A reluctant 'Hero' saves her from brink of death and helps her get a new life. How will 'Keshav', Ravi Jhankal's character, become a loved and respected person for Rajjo? 

Stay tuned for more updates on 'Udti Ka Naam Rajjo', set to launch on 22nd August at 7 PM, only on Star Plus!

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