In Photo : Varun Alagh, CEO & Co-founder, Mamaearth and Ghazal Alagh, CIO & Co-founder, Mamaearth

Mumbai : Mamaearth, the fastest growing FMCG brand from the House of Honasa, launched its Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBO) in Mumbai at Phoenix Market City, Kurla and Infiniti Mall, Malad. The toxin free personal care brand will be retailing all the product ranges babycare along with beauty and personal care.

Being a consumer centric brand, that evolves along with its consumers, Mamaearth started as a toxin-free brand with babycare but due to consumer demand ventured into toxin-free personal care products for adults. Keeping a close eye on the consumers, with the increasing consumer demand for product availability offline, the brand decided to venture into offline formats. Understanding that exclusive brand outlets are a great way to communicate about the brand and its expanse of its offering, Mamaearth launched its exclusive brand outlets. The EBOs serve as a platform to induct the consumer into the brand ideology and giving an in-depth brand experience.    

The brand launched its first store in the capital city, they have launched 2 EBOs in Mumbai. The stores are present at two major locations of Mumbai: Infiniti Mall, Malad and Phoenix market city, Kurla with a spread of 380 sq feet and 197 sq feet area offering all 140+ SKUs of Mamaearth from skincare, haircare, personal care, and our new range of color care.

Commenting on the launch of the Exclusive Brand Outlet launch, Mr. Varun Alagh, CEO, Honasa Consumer Pvt. Ltd. Said, “Honasa Consumer is in the business of building brands and brands are built in the minds of the consumers. The mediums used to communicate with the consumers will continue to change and evolve. Being a digitally native company, digital platforms and technology are integral to our being, but the core objective is to stay connected with the consumer, and we need to follow the consumer’s journey. If the consumer wants to purchase you offline, you need to be present there. Understanding this need, we decided to venture into offline with Exclusive Brand Outlets and we truly wish that consumers show us the same love offline, as they did digitally.”

Mamaearth is a purpose-led brand that strongly believes in the principle of ‘Goodness Inside’ and is committed to furthering the goodness through its products and initiatives. Mamaearth believes that goodness starts with the small choices each of us make every day! The brand continues to live up to its belief by using only the best of nature and no toxins or harmful chemicals in their products. They are also animal cruelty-free, plastic positive, and have launched the Plant Goodness promise last year. As part of this, the brand links every order made on their website to a tree they plant and is set to plant 1 million+ trees by 2025.

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