"Children always ask for the Shakala Pencil and Sonpari's Magic Stick from me to complete their homework" recalls writer Neeraj Vikram on his famous shows Shakala Boom Boom and Son Pari.

In many instances, writers have claimed that isolation is their friend. It gives them the peace and room their creativity needs to blossom. Animated shows usually seek to provide information, a clear message, and enjoyment all in one, thus you have to think beyond the box when it comes to the animation sector. Some of the most well-known animated cartoon programs that have mesmerized the cartoon business, which has lately developed into the ultimate vehicle for artistic expression, are Motu Patlu, Dabangg, Shiva, Veer the robot Boy, and Gattu Battu.

 Neeraj Vikram, the guy behind the storylines of India's most well-known animated shows Motu Patlu, Shakala Boom Boom, and Son Pari works round the clock to connect with the children to bring the finest stories to life.

Neeraj says, "For me working a normal story is a bit difficult as you really have thought a lot, but when we write stories into the animated world it is very different, imagining like if a sonpari rounds up her stick so that person gets landed up with her magic stick in some corner of the earth and lands in the dark." It is a completely different process, but sometimes it is easy because real-life observation helps a lot, and then processing and writing it into a cartoon connection. real-life connections also play a very important role. 

Talking further about that, Neeraj says, "The best thing I like and sometimes I feel cute is that children do come to me sometimes." And ask the Shakala Boom Boom pencil and tat Magic Stick of Sonpari so that they could finish their homework."

Did you know Niraj Vikram served in the Army as a Short Service commissioned Officer for five years and came to Mumbai to pursue his dream of joining Bollywood? And later, being recognized as an outstanding writer, Niraj Vikram is also a well-known producer and actor who has given the industry various series and short films. He was seen showcasing his acting skills in series like Tiger, Panther Waqt ki Raftar, All the Best, Andaaz, and Sonpari have produced various short films like Daadu Ji for Viacom 18, Ting Tong for Viacom 18, a Short film on Swachta Abhiyan, The Pandavas, Lallan Babban Jumman.

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