Diamonds are formed under pressure and are shined through friction.From the dream of opening his own coaching institute after graduation to Often than rare, hardships ultimately craft individuals who are no less than a metaphoric hero. Such is the case of Gautam, Indian army personnel who amidst the heat of battle is taken aback by an old memory that takes him back to the time he was breaking sweat to get into the military.

The story started from the flash beginning of their early school life, rounding around their family and friends. The joy and pain of their life that build their beautiful future after joining army. Gautam’s life cycle wouldn’t be the content of patriotic talk over tea but the true story of a hero accounts the hardships faced by the army personnel in their army’s life. 

He remembers the endless hours he spent, just to make an impact in this moment. This very moment where not only his but lives of many and honour of billions were at his hands. Amidst the raining hellfire of enemy, a moment where any fine man would have broken down and fled, the courage he built taps in. 

A decision that changed the outcome, a decision that seized the day, a choice that gave birth to hero, a decision that Gautam concluded was best for his nation. Gautam's rise toglory, a classic example of "from rags to riches" is conveyed in the story. 

A tale of a boy from Bihar to a battle hero. The story that accounts the hardships faced by one, the amount of endurance one built. The journey from one Goldstar to another Goldstar. 

The story of Gautam becoming a goldstar has been well defined by the Begusarai, Bihar Born Bollywood actor Kumar Kanhaiya Singh. 

In this excellent book, Rao Yashasvi Singh, a law student of Icfai University Dehradun has collaborated with author Kumar Kanhaiya Singh on the cover design along with research in the story.

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