Singer-songwriter and music composer Jayant Sankla has accused music director Chandan Saxena of stealing the music and lyrics of the song ‘Lapataa’. Sung by Hriday Gattani, the song was released on Zee Music almost a year back. 

Jayant’s story reads, “I wrote and composed this song, little did I know Shri @chandansaxena ko agar sunaya to chori hojaega. Just found out today @zeemusiccompany @hridaygattani.”

Commenting on this, Jayant said, “I am shocked to see this. We used to work together for projects where I was never paid, but I never complained since I had just moved to Mumbai. He had told me to share this track so that he can further pitch it in movies. I stopped working with him after I was promised to be featured in a project which I had composed for him. I vowed to never work with him again and I lost touch. Cut to today, I was going through the music videos published on different platforms and saw this song, I was aghast! How can someone take credit for your work?”

Adding further, Jayant said,” I have been getting complaints from other musician friends talking about how he’s cheated them in different ways. Some called him a fraud for taking money and never giving them projects, while some called out that he stole their lyrics. I tried warning people about his acts but never called him out, but he’s left me with no option. I sincerely hope my rant puts a stop to all this and Chandan doesn’t get to cheat any other musician.”

Lapataa song was sung by Hriday Gattani and released by Zee Music Company on July 27, 2021.

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