Deepika Singh performed Shravan Kumar act for the promotion of the film in a unique way

Titu Aka Tushar Pandey was also seen counting the money in a ladies purse.

Mumbai : The trailer of the film Titu Ambani has gone viral on the internet after its release. In just three days after release the trailer has got more than 4 million views on various social media.   The film Titu Ambani received Funny Comments from social media users about Tushar Pandey, Deepika Singh and Raghubir Yadav. Yesterday a special press conference was organised in Mumbai to promote the film. In which, Deepika Singh raised her own on-screen mother and father on the shoulders like Shravan Kumar in Kaanwar. Deepika is playing the role of a responsible daughter in the film. Titu means Tushar Pandey was also seen counting his wife's money in ladies purse, his dialogue in the film is that if the wife has the right over the husband's money, then the husband should also have the right over the wife's money too. The Media and guest loved the unique way of promoting the film. On this occasion, the main cast of the film Tushar Pandey, Deepika Singh, Raghubir Yadav, Sapna Sand, Virendra Saxena, Samta Sagar, lyricist Mayur Puri, producer Dinesh Kumar, writer director Rohit Raj Goyal were present.

 In the trailer we can see that Titu wants to get success by shortcut ways, and daughter Moushumi is only responsible for her mother and father, she asks that after marriage can a girl not take care of her mother and father? Titu wants to become a big man and also has a question in the trailer does the husband has any right in the earnings of his wife. In a very interesting way, the trailer ends with Raghubir Yadav's comedy dialogue “Beta chouthi seedi par paao dharoge to seedha giroge”.

 Deepika Singh says about the film, "We still talk about the equality of both girls and boys in modern society, but in practice it is not so, can girls fulfill the responsibility of their parents after marriage".

 The film's producers Mahendra Vijaydan Detha and Dinesh Kumar say that "On one hand Titu Ambani talks on topics such as attracting today's youth to go on a shortcut ways for getting success and the duty and rights for girls in the society are still amongst us.  Talks about double standards, in short this film gives a right perspective in a very entertaining way”

 Ashram web series and Chhichhore film actor Tushar Pandey says that Titu is very ambitious. He feels that he is not meant for job. He wants to become a big man who has big ideas for his business and he will be seen acting in the lead role of the film.

The Film Titu Ambani Produced under the banner of Sabal Productions, directed by Rohit Raj Goyal, Produced by Mahendra Vijaydan Detha and Dinesh Kumar. And the Other prominent roles of the film are Raghubir Yadav, Sapna Sand, Virendra Saxena, Samta Sagar, and Brijendra Kala. The film has been shot at various locations in Udaipur. The film is releasing on 8th July 2022 in cinema halls.

Trelar link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uXKwtj3h3w

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