Jyoti Saxena, has always stolen the limelight in the tinsel town with her stellar looks and appearance. Apart from being an actress who is committed to her work, she’s also a serious fashionista who loves to experiment with her fashion game.

The actress has always been vocal about many things in her life, but we haven't ever found out whom she really admires and likes the most. It's none other than Kartik Aaryan. The actress adores him and when presented with an opportunity, wishes to go on a coffee date with him.

"I really like Kartik Aaryan a lot. He has a whole vibe that no other celebrity has. He is full of charm, determination, and positive vibes. I wish to go on a date where I am sure we would chat about comic timing,  immense love for movies, fashion, dance moves, and much more. I for sure know our date would be very engaging as we share many common traits and end up full of laughter and high octane fun." exclaimed the actress.

Speaking why only Kartik Aaryan from the entire tinsel town, the actress said, "Umm, because he has that aura and sense of presence in him, which I don't think anyone has." He makes sure he leaves his magic, charm, and sparks wherever he goes. The twinkle in his eyes is so visible and his smile endearing to all”

 This is just a manifestation, which I hope gets fulfilled soon.

Talking about the work front, Jyoti is soon going to be in an action-comedy movie, for which the actress is soon going to fly off for her first schedule.

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