Darshan Kumar heaps praise on Music Composer Rohit Sharma, says " Rohit Sharma has done absolute justice to the movie by giving resonate background score which is different and unique."

The Kashmir Files is one of those films that has a huge connection with the audience due to its superb performance, direction and has left a mark in the mind of the audience which has surely brought goosebumps-inducing music. But did you guys know that the man behind these amazing music tunes is none other than the talented music composer Rohit Sharma?

Darshan Kumar, who plays one of the starring roles in the film, has expressed his feelings through the incredible music he composed for the film. "I believe good performances is the heart of the film and background music is its soul . It enhances the entire performance ,scenes and the film overall. Rohit ji Has given a fantabulous music in our film… A realistic Film like The Kashmir files required a background score which is different and unique and coming up with such music was very challenging…  and Rohit Sharma has done absolute justice to the background score."

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has written and directed The Kashmir Files which was produced him Abhishek Aggarwal and Zee Studios.

The audience and actors never fail to resonate with him, of his incredible dedication. Rohit Sharma has a long experience in the music industry and has contributed a vast number of songs to the industry, many of which have received excellent feedback. "My main purpose is to establish a connection between the listener and the melodies," added Music Composer Rohit Sharma, expressing his delight at being recognized by the audience.

Music Composer Rohit Sharma has created memorable melodies for the audience, in films like Ship of Theseus, where he composed and produced the song "Naham Janami." In addition, Rohit also scored music for movies including Buddha In A Traffic Jam, Anaarkali of Arrah, Tashkent Files and Maharani 2.

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