Many Bollywood, political and lifestyle celebrities have backed the Save Soil movement started by Isha Foundation founder and spiritual leader Sadhguru.

Additionally and USA based designer Anjali phougat and Bollywood Actor Ashmit Patel express their gratitude and congratulations to Sadhguru on the 100th day of the "Save Soil" campaign's journey.

In order to raise awareness about the declining soil health, Sadhguru launched the "Save Soil Movement" in March of this year. He set off on a 100-day motorcycle trip that took him through 27 different nations.

Actor Ashmit Patel joined the "Save Soil Movement'' by supporting Anjali Phougat’s Designer Dream Collection Save Soil awareness fashion event in April, 2022, in USA Ohio. This was one of the most social and opulent events organised by DDC.

Recognizing the public's support for Sadhguru's "Save Soil" campaign was an exhilarating experience for Designer Anjali Phougat and Bollywood Actor Ashmit Patel.

They were praised at the fashion show for their unique approach to raising awareness of the ‘Save Soil Campaign.

Celebrity fashion designer Anjali Phougat  supports Sadhguru’s environmental project and was even featured on a billboard in Times Square as appreciation for her effort.

Designer Anjali Phougat has been actively promoting The Save Soil movement started by Sadhguru.

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