Successfully organized show by Maatribhoomi Sevarth Foundation

Mumbai : A special show of the recently released Hindi film 'The Conversion' was organized by Rama Sanyal, President of NGO Maatribhoomi Sevarth Foundation at INOX Cinema Hall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai. On the same occasion, Shri Ghatkopar Kutch Kadva Patidar Sanatan Samaj (Mumbai), Mahendra Bhai Patel, producer of the film Raj Patel, actor Prateek Shukla and hundreds of people with young Girls from Sanatan Dharma came to watch the film.

 Rama Sanyal, President of Maatribhoomi Sevarth Foundation, said that the film 'The Conversion' is aimed to awaken millions of girls of the country and save them from love jihad.

  Some people have taken the responsibility of taking the film to the people, taking steps to protect their religion and culture. Shows are also happening in cinema halls in Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and other states. Now there was a show in Mumbai but there has been a demand for more and more shows of this conscious film 'The Conversion'. In the interest of the nation, every person should come forward and make daughters aware of love jihad.

 It is to be known that the Sanatani daughters are being converted in other religion by confusing them. It is played by their emotions and we all know what happens when their motive is served. There is always mention of such incident in newspapers and media but no action is taken against the culprit. In this secular country, what is not happening under the guise of religion, immoral and criminal acts under a well-thought-out conspiracy.  This film has been made to open the eyes of the Sanatanis, to make their daughters aware of such conspiratorial devils. An attempt has been made to awaken the consciousness of Sanatanis through the film and the truth has been shown. What is the purpose of these conversions? What are the squares which have become snakes hidden in the sleeves. This film is for all those girls whose eyes are veiled of love and thrown into a deep well.

 The film 'The Conversion' is based on true incidents of converting Hindu girls by trapping them in their infatuation.

 All Indians must watch this film. Especially to the women's section so that tomorrow they do not play with their feelings.

 The film 'The Conversion' is produced by Raj Patel, Raj Nostrum, Vipul Patel under Nostrum Entertainment Hub banner. It is directed by Vinod Tiwari and written by Vandana Tiwari.  

The film stars Vindhya Tiwari, Prateek Shukla, Ravi Bhatia, Vibha Chhibber, Sunil Singh, Amit Behl and Manoj Joshi in lead roles.

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