The beautiful heart-throb Punjabi singer Shipra Goyal was mesmerized by her fan, who gifted her a sketch portrait of herself, expressing the admiration he holds towards her. This occurred recently when she visited Punjab for a live show.

Mesmerized Shipra Goyal says, "I am beyond words to express the joy I felt when I was presented with the sketch portrait. It made me realize that love knows no bounds. When you work hard, it speaks for itself. The sketch itself was an example of my work being loved and adored even by the young generation. I am so overjoyed to see the support and I promise to continue bringing exceptional projects for my fans and my audience."

Shipra was moved by this and the realization that her fans are not age-bound. She was pretty surprised to see a young boy with a potential future being inspired by her and adoring her just as well. Shipra Goyal's new song 'Subah Se Shaam' featuring Bigg Boss Runner-Up Pratik Sehajpal will be released soon for her audience and fans to relish.

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