Movie review - 3 and half stars,

Gayatri Sahu,

Mumbai : There are many superheroes in the Marvel series movies, such as Ironman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, Antman, Black Widow etc. Now another new superhero is going to join Marvel, Morbius is the story of becoming a superhero from an ordinary person. The character is based on the Marvel Comics film of the same name, an American superhero film. The film is produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel, while it is distributed by Sony Pictures. It is Sony's second film in the Marvel Universe after Venom (2018). The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa on a screenplay by Matt Shazama and Burke Sharpless and Art Markham and Matt Holloway.

 Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is a handicapped child who lives in a medical hostel under the supervision of Doctor Nicholas (Jared Harris) where Lucian Crown (Matt Smith), a handicapped child, befriends Michael. Michael has a genetic defect in his DNA due to which he is physically incapable of walking, Lucian is also crippled by a similar genetic rare disease.  Michael fondly calls his friend Mylo. Michael grows up to become a doctor and researches how to cure the diseases of people like him, with the help of doctor Martin Bancroft (Adria Arjona). He does this research on bats. Michael does this experiment on himself, the experiment is successful but its side effects are also seen, Michael turns into a blood-drinking vampire and kills people. After regaining consciousness, Michael regrets his mistake that he inadvertently victimized innocent people. Michael tries again to rectify the mistake he made in his search because he does not want him to become an enemy of human life by becoming a male vampire, he consumes artificial blood to control himself. But once again a nurse in her own hospital becomes a victim of a vampire. Seeing the death of people, the police and investigative department arrest Michael. Then they learn that it is not Michael who drank blood after killing people. Lucian comes to meet Michael in prison as a lawyer. Seeing Lucian's behavior, Michael suspects that his discovery has been used by Lucian and that the murderer of the people is his friend Lucian. Michael tells Lucian that he has become a demon due to a mistake in the experiment and also forbids him to use it, but knowing everything, Lucian uses the serum to cure his illness. Now two vampires become one good and one bad. It is interesting to see in the film that to what extent both the friends play their enmity after becoming a vampire or venom, how many kill themselves and other people?

 The fight scene of the film is excellent. The filming is as grand as the other films in the Marvel series. The performance of the entire cast in the film is good but those who have seen the earlier episodes of Marvel will find it lacking. Morbius turns from a doctor into a devil who can't even control himself yet saves his loved ones. His powers are described as vampire. The scene shown in the beginning of the film does not show harmony in the whole film. People don't become devils by drinking a Venom's blood, but Michael's biting Doctor Martin turns them into Venom too, which sounds strange, maybe this episode should be shown in the new series, but in the film it seems incomplete. By the way, Marvel lovers may find this film less than their expectation. The director has kept the interest of the rest of the film tied and the new superhero might have a bang entry in the sequel. In the film, the incident of a disabled doctor turning into a vampire doesn't seem to make much sense.

 Even the beginning scene of the film does not connect till the end.

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