MUMBAI: Director Vinod Tiwari's 'THE CONVERSION' finally gets green signal by the Censor Board after long battle with the certification process at the censor and Ready to Release in Theatre on 22nd April 2022 worldwide.

Based on the most  social subject of "Religious Conversion", the film and its makers had been locked in a months long quarrel for an appropriate certification for the film given the highly sensitive nature  of the subject of the film. 

Vinod Tiwari comments, "Duping and cheating in the name of religion has become quite prevalent in large numbers when it comes to inter-faith marriages in our country. We now have enough official data to conclude that amongst the majority of reported cases of 'Religious Conversion in India' girls of Hindu community have disproportionately been the victims. So much is the state of affairs that multiple state governments have now legislated laws around this menace."

Mr. Tiwari further elaborates his months long struggle with the Censor Board. He said, "I deeply appreciate the patience and support that I received from the Censor board. We all were aware of the highly sensitive nature of the subject of the film.  And I was absolutely sure from the very inception of the film so as not to let the film turn into a jingoistic political slugfest."

The makers of the film have already  begun the process of its release.  The movie is being planned for a worldwide release on 22nd April 2022.


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