Mumbai : Krishna Chouhan, the founder of Krishna Chouhan Foundation, is not only the director of Bollywood films but also the founder of the Legend Dadasaheb Phalke Award, who has passion and courage in his heart to serve the poor and needy. As a social worker, Krishna Chouhan believes in helping people. During the Corona period and Lockdown, Krishna Chouhan helped many people by giving ration and laid the foundation of Krishna Chouhan Foundation in 2020.

It is worth mentioning that under Krishna Chouhan's NGO/Trust Krishna Chouhan Foundation, distribution of food and Bhagwat Geeta is done among the poor and needy. Krishna Chouhan himself is a social worker, who is always ready to help the people.

It is noteworthy that Krishna Chouhan is a film director who is from Gorakhpur UP and has been living in Mumbai for 18 years. Over the years Krishna Chouhan has assisted many famous Bollywood directors and today Krishna Chouhan needs no introduction. The entire Bollywood knows Krishna Chouhan today. A Hindi movie "Jeena Nahi Tere Bina" by Krishna Chouhan is ready for release. One of his Hindi album "Zikr Tera" is also about to be released. He has also received the Best Director Award for his Hindi short film.

Today the identification of Krishna Chouhan is only because of his hard work. Krishna Chouhan, who has a distinct identity in Bollywood, along with being a film director, also organizes award functions. Along with this, he also runs the Krishna Chouhan Foundation. Krishna Chauhan is the name of such a personality who distributed ration kits among the people on his birthday. He believes in "good deeds make everything good" and "accompanying everyone, progress of everyone and beliefs of everyone".

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