Brainly grows 168% in IN and 100% Worldwide in 2020 With Millions of Students and Parents Turning to the Service During Global Pandemic 

Mumbai : As the global pandemic continues to reshape the education landscape, hundreds of millions of students and parents are turning to the digital homework-helper platform, Brainly for support. With remote learning accelerating the adoption of digital platforms, Brainly usage has surged 100% worldwide, offering students 24*7 access to the biggest peer-to-peer learning platform of its kind. The platform has grown 168% in India alone, as over 55 million students and parents every month rely on the Brainly community and experts for real-time, personalized study support that creates deeper understanding and ensures academic success.

The sudden suspension of classroom learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted children at every education level. According to a report published by ResearchGate in July, an average student falls nearly 3 months behind the full academic year of 2020-21. However, the launch of the National Education Policy brought positive news around the same time with an emphasis on a hybrid learning model. A Brainly survey also saw 87.7% of students welcoming the policy for being progressive, focusing on ramping up digital learning and skill set.

The pandemic has underscored what was already known about learning — that students can only succeed when they have trusted channels to ask for help when needed. Brainly provides that access round the clock in any setting, whenever the student needs it the most. This has become an increasingly vital tool for students as they navigate their way through a whole new virtual learning format that lacks individual attention that many students rely on. 

Commenting on the same, Rajesh Bysani, CPO of Brainly said, “With professionals and students to guide step-by-step for every academic problem, Brainly has become the go-to platform for learners during remote learning. Brainly’s model not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also extends confidence and the joy of learning and growing together.”

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