• Darwin Platform Car Cab Trade Ltd, a subsidiary of Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) sets ambitious targets to provide a new age travel experience  

Mumbai: Following a robust response to its pilot project as cab operators for private institutions, organisations and corporates in Mumbai, Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC), a leading global business conglomerate operating across sectors, today organised a pre and soft launch event of the services where over 200 cabs joined the App based services being offered the Darwin Platform Car Cab Trade Ltd (Darwin Platform Taxi)- a subsidiary of the DPGC. The company is all set to offer its services as cab aggregator in Mumbai and other metros. 

Flagging off the cabs on the occasion of a soft launch, Ajay Harinath Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, DPGC said, “As far as market scenario and business climate is concerned, we have done detailed surveys in the last 3-4 months and found that if a player offers quality and affordable services to customers with the adequate alignment of a higher income-generating scheme for cab owners. We are very competitive in terms of our services at any given time compared to our competitors and that will always give us an edge over them.”

“Our tariff would be very competitive and compared to other big players in the market we would be able to provide 5-7% higher benefits to customers and cab drivers by leveraging our in-built capacities in terms of IT support (App) and financing (loan facilities). If we monetise our schemes, offers, incentives, and other support than the customers’ and cab owners’ benefits can go beyond this and may range between 13-15%. Overall we have proposed very affordable and cost-effective tariff which would be determined by market forces but would be balancing with our support mechanism. We have an edge in terms of IT solutions. Darwin Platform Group’s IT division is very robust and our Artificial Intelligence expertise has made our App functionally very advanced and cost-effective. This expertise would sustain us in terms of price sensitivity and surging and other big cities of the country.” adds Ajay Harinath Singh.

Rahul Ganpule, CEO, DPGC said,”Our launch timing is correct as the lockdown is gradually relaxed so the business surging up. Most important the initial euphoria obnoxious rewards and benefits have stabilised. The drivers have become realistic and this approach they would be making decent profits. For aspiring cab owners, our banking division would be providing cheap and easy loans. Overall, we have a very robust support system for entire cab operations and would create a win-win situation for all stakeholders including cab owners.

Darwin Platform Taxi would expand it as a full-fledged cab business for all travellers in Mumbai by November this year. Over 500 cabs would offer their services under the Darwin platform by then and by the end of the current financial year (March 31, 2021) the company would expand new-age travel experience with over 5000 cab fleets in Mumbai and other big cities of the country. 

The DPGC’s net worth is USD 1.6 billion and it has 21 associates companies which include Darwin Platform Car Cab Trade Ltd also. Over the years, the Group has made rapid progress in several sectors with its other associate companies which include Darwin Platform Capital, Darwin Platform Holding, and Darwin Platform Infrastructure. Apart from these the Group, through its subsidiaries and associate companies, also operates in Banking, Healthcare, Aviation, Realty, Energy, Mass Media, and IT Sectors. DPGC has formed several Joint Ventures with leading global companies and is also part of international consortiums. 

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