Takes the bold step of making payment of fee subjective to employment under ISA

Mumbai : One of India’s largest IP-driven incubation labs, BridgeLabz Solutions LLP, has come up with a unique and game-changing concept. The company has introduced an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model which provides an opportunity for the students to pursue training under the BridgeLabz CodinClub and pay when they score a job. The revolutionary model prevents financial constraints from hampering the skill development of learners, structuring  the fee payment after gaining employment.

The 30-day boot camp helps bring the learners to a basic coding proficiency level, of which the initial five days are focused on what and how the students will learn. Depending on their consent, the students can pay for the boot camp and continue the remaining journey. BridgeLabz identifies the best coding talent while grooming and mentoring them and offers the opportunity to undergo further training under the ISA model.

Under ISA, the company undertakes the risk of further training students under its standard and deep tech Programs, allowing them to pay the entire fee only if they get a job. The right domain for grooming is identified and recommended based on a learner’s caliber, and the assessment made by mentors during the boot camp.

Interestingly, no other offline institute or online certification program comes as cost-effective and relevant as the program from BridgeLabz - testament is the fact that they have been able to place over 150 learners in the last 3 months( during lockdown) when most organizations had laid off employees or frozen hiring. Besides charging only for the program cost (boot camp), it enables the learner to pay for the Fellowship Program over 24 months on-the-job. Hence, the risk of guaranteeing a job for all those who undergo 8-16 weeks of training under the ISA lies with BridgeLabz.

BridgeLabz commitment to transparency and increasing the employability pool for engineers can be seen from its various initiatives aimed at bridging the skill-gap. The company provides BridgeLabz CodIn Completion Certificate to all those who participated and awards BridgeLabz CodIn Star Certificate to all the learners who show consistent and high motivation and skills. Over 150 students have been identified for the ISA program to date.

Speaking on the launch of ISA, Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz, said, “ISA brings freedom to the students and allows us to create the maximum impact as the output is clearly defined. The onus is on us to groom all learners as required by industry to ensure that strong career opportunities are created and fullfilled. We believe that the model will make the learners more confident with their skills as they do not have to worry about getting an employment post-program.”

About the company: BridgeLabz was set up to bridge the impending skill-gap amongst the existing talent pool of Indian engineers by making them job-ready through experiential learning and focused mentorship. Through its Maker Program, the company hires engineers from top institutes and provides them with hands-on training in industry-specific skills, as per the needs of its various partner companies. In this manner, companies get access to custom-trained engineers based on their talent requirements and engineers are given the security of a job by acquiring product-focused skillsets. The 4-month long Program acts as a boot-camp for those aspirants who are aiming to join the workforce in the emerging technology space, and the expenses for the course are borne by the partner companies. Since its inception in 2016, BridgeLabz has succeeded in making more than 1500+ engineers employable pan-India. Through its Maker Program, it has placed them at companies such as Yatra, Fullerton, Urban Ladder and Capgemini, who are part of its partner network of 350+ top companies in the country. BridgeLabz has launched a completely online 30 day coding bootcamp during the lockdown through which it is able to groom talent across India.  It has plans for rapid expansion, to increase its reach to a larger number of engineers and grow its partner network to 500 companies across the country.

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