Director duo Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee, the eminent filmmakers of the Bengali film industry, have always entertained their fans with films related to women empowerment, women’s liberation and women’s rights. Women’s day has always been special for them as it is a day to celebrate equal rights and to acknowledge the contributions of a woman in our life and society. Windows released women-centric film ‘Mukherjee Dar Bou’ on Women’s Day, 2019 followed by ‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’on Women’s Day 2020.
On Women’s day 2021, Windows Productions is coming up with another film pertaining to feminocentrism, “Fatafati”. This film celebrates all the free-spirited, strong and brave women and imparts a message against body shaming in the society. A plus-size fashionista as displayed in the poster raises questions against the socially accepted concept of “Perfect Body”. “Body Shaming” a term that has been gaining popularity recently has been around us for centuries altogether. Every day certain expectations are created around female bodies and women today are forced to live up to it. Today women are subjected to a tremendous amount of scrutiny. They are forced to go on diets, do exercises only to make them more acceptable in this society. It made them behave unconsciously in certain ways to avoid bringing up their imperfections, under the spotlight. There cannot be any universal concept of beauty. What this brings to light is the fact that this ingrained ‘body shaming’ attitude in us needs to change and it needs to change now before we raise our children in such a way that they too have a preconceived notion of ‘beauty’ and ‘attractiveness’. This is a vicious cycle created by patriarchy. It degrades all women and makes them believe that their body structures are inherently related to their capabilities. And in those moments of self-doubt, patriarchy snatches away the already unequal opportunities it provides to this sex. There is only one way to counter such a problem is to address the problem. Will this film be able to do that? Will this film be able to address and expose the root cause of body shaming which is deep-rooted in our society? Let’s hope for the best but the poster promises to make today’s women realize the love for herself, respect  for herself. It made her realize no matter how she looks no matter what her body shape  she is unique in her own way.
The team of the highly acclaimed and glorified film Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti, which was the last mega-hit the audience had witnessed before the initiation of any lockdown in the country is back with this film. The film is directed by Aritra Mukherjee, the story is conceptualized and written by Zinia Sen, the dialogues of the film are written by Samragee Banyopadhyay. They chose the auspicious day of 'Mahalaya' to announce their poster.
Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s releases on Women’s day have always been blockbuster hits since 2019. Bengali film lovers wait every year for their new treat. The unique content with terrific direction and outstanding performances are key ingredients of their success and we are confident that this new initiative will also be immensely loved, celebrated and appreciated by the audience.

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