Mumbai : AV Organics, the maker of India’s first mineral-rich, black alkaline water Evocus H2O, has launched its flagshipproduct in the city of Mumbai. The launch comes in sync with thecompany’s vision to introduce wellness-based products that improve immunity and detoxification through hydrationacross the country.

EVOCUS H2O will now be available across various Modern Trade outlets like Foodhall, Nature’s Basket, Haiko; standalone supermarkets and health & wellness stores in Mumbai.Further building on its offline sales channels, AV Organics has also revealed plans of expanding the availability of the revolutionary water at 4 and 5-star hotels, fine-dine restaurants, cafes, QSRs, and cloud kitchens serving healthy cuisines. Meanwhile, for online sales, the company is selling their black alkaline water on Amazon, Healthkart and their product e-commerce website-www.drinkevocus.com. 

Intending to promote holistic wellness through enhanced hydration and detoxification, the revolutionary black water will be available inseveral recyclable PETvariants such as 500 ml, 250 ml, and 330 ml glass bottle.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Aakash Vaghela, MD and Co-Founder of AV Organics, said, “We are delighted to see our innovative offering, the veritable black alkaline water garnering such scintillating reviews from various parts of the country. Such traction is great news as it signifies consumertransitiontowards a health-conscious and vibrant lifestyle.Subsequently, we have undertaken great efforts in realising our aggressive expansion plans that have enabled us to introduce this marquee product amongst therest of the metropolitan hubs. Mumbai is an important market, owe strategically chose to launch in the cityafterlaunching in other metro cities of India. Moreover, the city is home to countless fitness aficionados, eminent personalities and health-minded individuals. This launch will draw us nearer to our objective of achieving product-extension across a substantial portion of tier-1 and tier-2 audiences by March 2021.

AV Organics, a Vadodara-based start-up, introduced EVOCUS H2O in June 2019. The unique alkalinewater is enriched with 70+ natural minerals imparting its unique black colour. Being 100% natural, itoffers sustained hydration, better detoxification, reduced acidity, and balanced pH levels in thebody, improved metabolism, and boosted immunity. Moreover, a zero contributor to glucosecalories and carbs, it is also an exceptional nutrient booster for the new-age consumers andmillennials who are always on the go.

The premium water space, currently valued at INR 900 crore, is projected to witness rapid growth at22% CAGR. Eyeing the opportunity, AV Organics has invested $1 million in setting up a fully-automated manufacturing and bottling plant in Vadodara, Gujarat which has various internationalcertifications like BRC- British Retail Consortium, WHO-GMP, HAACP, ISO- 9001:2015, ISO22000:2005, and has a capacity of producing 40 million bottles per year. The company aims to clocksales to the tune of3-5 million bottles of EVOCUS by June 2021.

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