Arzutra Garielle, becomes the world’s first British Asian Singer to launch a healthy living initiative - ‘Vanity by Arzutra,’ – a health website to empower people with health knowledge.

British Pop-star Arzutra Garielle is known to stand out from the crowd right from her initial days. With Hindi not being her first language she still took up the challenge to make a career for herself by singing in a language that is foreign to her. And now she has done it yet again. Arzutra has announced the launch of her own health website ‘Vanity By Arzutra’ where she will be sharing new age methods and tips on how to live a healthy life.

We are all well aware that celebrities follow a certain way of living to look the way they do but very few come forward to share their regimes with us in great detail. That’s not Arzutra. Over the years she has learnt a lot from working with various Nutritionists & Holistic Practitioners in her own battle against Acne and Weight issues. Triggered by her desire to help others during the Covid-19 global pandemic, Arzutra decided to put together a health and wellbeing information website to empower people to become equipped with knowledge to help themselves. 

Arzutra realised from her own experiences that one of the main reasons for ill health is lack of knowledge.  “Being a celebrity I have been trained on how to eat, what to eat, how much water to drink, how much sleep to get and all that fun stuff which I never got taught in school. I decided I did not want to keep it a secret anymore. Everyday people need to know,” says Arzutra.

The first of her kind, Arzutra becomes the first Indian Singer to launch such an initiative. 

Arzutra claims “I want my fans to be in the best health they possibly can. Unlike fast food and tobacco companies I don’t want my fans to die.” 

With mental and physical wellbeing being at the forefront of everyone’s attention at this current age, ‘Vanity by Arzutra’ is definitely a site to bookmark. It has articles to help de-stress, help with relationships, mind matters and lots on diet & fitness. It even has a step by step Protocol which you can follow for a complete holistic transformation.

Arzutra continues to work hard behind the scenes on her 2nd Album. In the meantime ‘Vanity By Arzutra’ can be found here www.vanitybyarzutra.com 

Eat healthy, live long & live strong!

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