Special virtual event Sushmajnali was organized on the death anniversary of Sushma Swaraj under the joint supervision of Nation's First Collective, Sanskar Bharti Northeast, and Sanskriti Ganga Trust

 'Sushma Swaraj was the courageous leader who played a major role in getting the "Copyright Amendment Bill" passed which helped the artists and filmmakers to a large extent' claimed by the Film World. ~

New Delhi : On completion of one year after the death of former Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, a virtual event named SUSHMANJALI was organized. The event was a joint initiative by Nation's First Collective, Sanskar Bharati Northeast, and Sanskriti Ganga Nyas. This virtual event was conducted under the enlightenment of a well-known writer, presenter, veteran voice star Harish Bhimani.
The program was presided by Prakash Javadekar (Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India). Bansuri Swaraj, daughter of Sushma had a special presence in the virtual event. Apart from this, India's famous writers, artists, and filmmakers also participated in the event. Well-known actor Mohanlal, Well-known poet Prasoon Joshi, Producer-director Subhash Ghai, Singer Anoop Jalota, Producer-director Madhur Bhandarkar, Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy, Well-known celebrity Kangana Ranaut, Amisha Patel, Isha Gupta were also a part of the event. Songwriter Sameer Anjan, Author Kamlesh Pande, Priyadarshan, Kuldeep Singh, Shatrughan Sinha, Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna were the dignitaries from the film industry who were the part of the event today. Eminent director Priyadarshan was the chairman of the organizing committee for the event.

Many people highlighted the contribution of Sushma Swaraj through the virtual event. To commemorate this program, Prasun Joshi also recited the poem which he recited to Shushma Swaraj for the last time, 'ukhde ukhde kyun ho vriksh sookh jaoge'.
Padmashri, Bhajan Samrat Shri Anoop Jalota initiated the program with a favorite song of Sushma Swaraj and said, "I met Sushmaji many times and every time I met her she never failed to influence me with her thoughts and sayings. She was a very clear speaker and she always had a very special corner in her heart filled with respect and praise for the artists like us.
Padmashri, film director Madhur Bhandarkar said, "I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Shushmaji many times, especially in the year 2003 at the auspicious event of my film 'AAN: Men at Work', she had come to Mumbai from Delhi to attend the event. Whenever Shushmaji used to meet, she always encouraged me for my films. She used to watch my film, call me and give her opinion. 
Music director Kuldeep Singh read the letter written to him by Shushma Swaraj on April 18, 2011. In that letter, Shushma had assured me that whenever the 'Copyright Bench' is presented in Parliament, our party will pass the bill with full support and play an important role in trying to bring justice to artists like you. Remembering Sushma ji, he said that the bill was passed but if she was with us today then the situation of injustice being done against today would have been better. 
Padmashree, lyricist Prasoon Joshi said, Sushmaji helped pass the 'Copyright Amendment Bill' which has helped the artiste and content creators get their rights & due. Sushma Swaraj Ji had a 'poetic vision towards life', she was a great fan of poems and used to love my poems a lot. I will always remember her extraordinary works. 
Padmashree, Kangana Ranaut recalled Shushma Swaraj saying that Shushmaji did many valiant works in her life. She saved the film industry from the hands of the underworld and gave it an identity, she is an inspiration to me and many others. Her whole life is an example of women's empowerment, which our future generations can never forget.
Honorable Minister Prakash Javadekar said it's still hard to believe that Sushma Ji is no longer with us. Sushma Ji was our partner for 40 years, she was always a very lively and high-spirited person. She was an eloquent speaker and everybody was eager to hear her speech in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and party meetings. She used to spread love and care among people wherever she goes, she was courageous enough to tell her opinion straight. She is a guiding force to me even today and will continue to be.
Sushma's daughter, Bansuri Swaraj, recounted her mother's death anniversary and told many things about her. She told that her mother was a worshiper of Krishna, she believed that Krishna Ji devoted himself to whatever work he did. Shushmaji followed this preaching in his life '. She took the biggest decisions for public welfare. Apart from this, the mother loved watching movies and singing songs.
An Exceptional singer Kavita Krishnamurthy dedicated the song "Tu Mera Karma, Tu Mera Dharma" to Sushma and concluded the program.

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