85.1% of the survey respondents said that they have learned new skills from their parents while staying home

Mumbai, July 29, 2020: Indian parents and students are mutually helping each other with daily chores and academics during the lockdown, as revealed by the latest Brainly survey. And, the students over Brainly seem to be loving it! The world’s largest online learning platform for students, teachers, and parents, Brainly, has surveyed its Indian users on ‘Parenting and Hybrid Learning During COVID-19’. The responses received from 2,138 participants show exciting trends.
To begin with, a whopping 87.5% of Brainly users say they help their parents in daily chores during the lockdown. Besides, 85.1% of students have learned new skills from their parents while at home. Not having to commute to school for education is definitely giving ample time to students to partake in other activities. It is helping them learn new skills as well. The contribution of online learning platforms in enabling learning from home cannot be ignored in achieving this. The other aspect to it is that with additional time in hand, now almost 82.3% of students spend extra time with their parents.
The trend is not only confined to the students helping their parents but is also working the other way round. Indian parents are increasingly getting involved in the academics of their children. 85.2% of Brainly users find their parent’s involvement in their learning as helpful. Approximately three-fourth of Brainly users at 74.1% admitted enjoying learning from home with the help of their parents.
A mixed response was found when asked upon which one of their parents is more strict with the academics. 28% of the respondents replied it was ‘Mother’, followed closely by ‘Father’ at 24.8%, while a huge chunk at 47.3% found it ‘hard to say’.

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